47+ Grab These Free Download APA Format Template for Your Report


If you are a psychology student, then you should get accustomed to the APA writing style which officially comes from the American Psychological Association. This is generally used to cite the references in psychology, social sciences, and another education field. This format was originally introduced in 1929 from the Psychological Bulletin. Over time, this format becomes the basic guidelines and now becomes the official format used in many fields especially psychology. For today, the APA format can be easily applied with the APA format template that will ease the job and let the writer finish the report effectively.

Why Does the APA format Become So Important?

Especially in psychology and also other sciences, the APA writing style will help the writer to write and communicate ideas, experiments, and information in a consistent way which this will allow the reader to absorb what the writer wrote.

Many college students are confused with the APA writing style since it is a new thing for some of them that they usually use the MLA or the Chicago writing style. Somehow it can be a difficult transition for someone who never used this style before. And the one that makes the student feel easier to do this is using the APA format template.

How To Write in APA Format

Writing style with the APA format should include at least for main sections including:

  • Title Page – In writing the title page, you have to write the head, school affiliation and also the author name. This will help the reader under what is your writing about in quicky way.
  • Abstract – Abstract contains a summary of the paper which should be placed right after the title of the paper. This abstract should not be more than 150 until 250 words that this will force the writer to write the main information related to the writing content.
  • The main body – The main body will be about the content of the paper itself, if it is an essay, this will be it. If it is about the lab report, then the main body will contain the steps and sections from the introduction, the methodology used and the results. Last, this will include the discussion.
  • References – The references will include all of the sources for the citation purposed in the paper. All of the data, graph, and statements from someone else whether it is a book, magazines or journals should get the credit.

If you don’t get used to the APA writing style, writing with this style might be very difficult for you. So, it is better to break down every point so you work in manageable steps and finish it on time. You can use our APA template to help you write with the APA style in an appropriate way. Our templates are free and you don’t need to do registration like you usually find in other sites. We do simpler for helping you. Besides, make sure that you will follow the APA guidelines.

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