38+ How To Stay Professional By Sending A Two Week Notice Letter


If you have just decided that you are going to quit from your office, writing two-week notice letter is highly suggested. It is not an official resignment letter, but it is more like a notice for the employer that you will leave soon and they need to set everything before you are 100% leave your office. Probably they will hire another employee to fill your position, or just simply reassign your assignment to the other employees.

Writing the two-week notice letter is generally appreciated because you are going to stay there within a couple of weeks and help the company during the transition. For your side, this session will give you a credit that you work professionally so in the future you will have a better opportunity because you have the positive note.

Does An Employee Have To Write A Two Week Notice Letter?

However, there is no legal law when we are talking about the resignation notice. The employees have the right to leave their office at any time they want without reason. In the other hands, most employees will do this as the representation of the connection with the office. It is a matter of culture which somehow brings benefits to both sides. So, why not? Somehow, some companies will require an employee to leave the two-week notice letter, to help them re-adjust the company position.

Some people are still arguing with their contract with the company. But we have one thing to remember, there are procedures that include how to terminate the contract. So, if it is stated in the contract that an employee should give a notice before he leaves, then he has the obligation to make it. Hence, the agreement between both side is important. Sometimes it is also necessary to meet the attorney for discussing this problem.

How To Write A Good Two Week Notice Letter

  • Use the business letter format to make it professional by including your contact information, date and the employer contact information at the top of your letter.
  • Write the date when you will leave the office. This is important to the employer will get prepared to find out the new employee to fill your position.
  • Just keep it short and there is no need to include another information related to your resignation.
  • Always say thank you because you got the opportunity to experience great things in this company whether you hate it or not, your company you gain a lot from the company.
  • Always be positive with your resignation letters. It is better as well to avoid any negative comments or testimony to your co-worker and employer. You should stay professional with everyone.
  • Always offer a help during the transition process. You can help your company to train the new employee and tell what he/she needs to do when you are leaving.
  • Send the two notice letter to the right one, which is your HR (human resource) and the employer.
  • Rather than sending a conventional letter, consider sending the email.
  • If you are not sure, you can read and use the example in our site by just download it and write your ideas there.

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