17+ Lease Termination Letter Example for Doc, PDF, and Word

Lease termination letter example gives more than enough example of letter about lease agreement especially termination case. This subject letter is used to terminate and cut the agreement about house, apartment, or building rental status that happened between the landlord and tenant.

This will be useful between two parties, landlord and tenant, those who face a trouble about the lease agreement and want to solve it under formal status. It is quite important especially if there is complex problem in the lease statement. However, making this letters needs right steps.

There are several things that need to be taken care of before writing the lease termination contract. Writing thing letter is casually has similar formal form just like any other formal letter. But, there are some aspects that need to be included in the body letter more specific.

Things to Note before Writing Lease Termination Letter

There is several specific information that you need to add in the letter. This data will help you to emphasize the case with proof. The data that are highly needed to be added in the letter are the date of lease expiration, the start date of the lease, the agreement date.

The agreement date is the date of lease when one of the parties, it could be the landlord or the tenant, failed to carry out the agreement. Adding complete data in the letter is important to avoid any misunderstanding and misinformation.

As important as adding the date, giving enough proper reason to set why the termination needs to be happened is significant. Some specific reasons the lease termination agreement template based on fact are the reason why the termination happen, why the contract has been violated, and others.

Add certain data such as the tenant has failed to pay the monthly rents, the tenant hides illegal product on the house, the tenant do something dangerous thing in the house, these kinds of reasons are valid to be added in the violation term.

Meanwhile, to the tenant, they also can offer the similar letter for the landlord’s failed agreement. If the landlord cannot be able to bring a good environment like what the said person has promised for, if the rent getting higher without announcement and agreement, then tenant is allowed to submit it.


How to Write a Proper Lease Termination Letter

Just like any formal letter, writing this letter is similar. You need to put the general information based on the right arrangement. If you still unfamiliar, this will help you. A letter must always need date written in the paper. This, along with the sender’s personal information should be there.

Personal general information is included the sender’s name, the address including the street’s name, State, and zip code. Personal contact information and email should be added there as well. If you write under the name of a company or association or a larger business then you have to add that too.

Then, in the body letter, write all of the important things that have been mentioned before. Make it brief with clear statement. If you want to request the tenant to move soon, then state it with clear date as well. One the last paragraph or lease termination letter example, write a short message.


Early Lease Termination Letter Example

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