21+ Sample Fax Cover Letter Template for Doc, PDF, and Word

Sample fax cover letter template helps you to get the image of fax letter. There are a lot of usages of this machine like sending personal message but mostly it is for business purpose. Most of the time, the fax machine is used to send short important message to other partner.

As you can see, fax letter is a letter that has same function of general letter, for giving information. However, it is different in the body form and how it is sent to. Rather than being sent with email or classic courier, this letter is sent through fax number.

You will get a copy of the information that is sent to you by clicking the number. The limited paragraph is also another difference. When you want to send message through this, it is really recommended to use clear and brief sentence. Possibly, make it only some short paragraphs.


What should be written in the Sample Fax Cover Letter Template?

To write a fax letter template, it is not really different than common letter. You will still need to put the general information. It can be personal information if you use fax for your own house. It can be company information if it is used for business purpose.

Put the sender’s name or the company’s name, along with the fax number and the regular phone number on the fax letter. This helps the receiver recognize the letter once it is sent. Also, put the recipient’s number and the same personal information in the letter.

A complete date is commonly important to be added in the letter so does this one too. Put the date on your message and inform the recipient about the number of pages the fax transmission will send. What different from this letter is the options it has.

On fax cover letter template, there are several choices that mostly appear down to the body letter. The options allow you to check the one that is needed the most. If the fax is urgent then you can check the urgent option.

Other options are for review letter, please comment note, and please replay message. As an addition, a common short text under the options can be filled if you have any other note for the recipient to be remembered.

How to write the Fax Cover Letter

To write the fax cover, the letter should content with general information just like any other letter. Write company’s name, company’s full address including the state, street name, and zip code. Then, add the telephone number and email.

The arrangement of how you put the letter is write the recipient on the left and the sender’s information on the right. You need to address to who the letter is sent to. Add the number fax to the recipient on the fax bar. Then, put the telephone of the recipient on the phone box.

You really need to put the subject to let the recipient knows for what the letter is about. Move on to the left side, you need to write your name to make the receiver knows from who the letter comes from. Then, inform the number of the pages you send on the pages box.

Remember to put the date on the date box. Select the date you send the letter. Then, put name on the cc box. It is recommended to check the choices and leave note if the letter is important and needs a fast response. Simple tips sample fax cover letter template is make it neat, simple, and clean.


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