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Business Letter Template and What to Write Inside It

The business letter is a formal and official letter used as the way of communication between the parties in the professional relationship. This letter is commonly used by the companies, corporation, private professional and others. Here, we will talk about the business letter template.

Yes, since the business letter is a formal letter, you need to be serious in writing it. One of the way to make this letter is by applying the certain template. With the certain template, making this letter will be easier to do and the result of your writing will be better as your expectation.

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For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Kinds of Business Letter Template

We may see that the business letter is an important letter, especially as the way of communication between companies to continue their business. Well, by its importance, making the right business letter template will be the first task that you need to do.

However, before talking more about the ways to write the business letter, there are some kinds of this letter that you need to know. Well, the kinds of the business letter to know are:

  • Formal business letter template
  • Business plan cover letter template
  • Business reference letter template
  • Business letter of intent template
  • Business solicitation letter template
  • Business inquiry letter template
  • And others

Seeing the points as above, we may see that there are some kinds of the business letter to know. You need to be sure that each kind of the letter sometimes needs the different format.

Business Inquiry Letter templates in Word Format

Basic Parts of Business Letter

To make a good business letter template what to do firstly is knowing the basic parts of it. Yes, by knowing the basic parts of the business letter, of course you are able to make a right letter, as you want.

The basic parts of the business letter that you need to include inside the letter are:

  • Company information

Starting writing this letter, you need to write about the information of company. Write about the name, location and contact information. Since it is a formal letter, this matter should be written as the letterhead.

  • Recipient information

The second basic part is the information of recipient. In this matter, write about the complete name of the recipient, job title and the name of company with its location.

  • Introduction

The first paragraph is about the introduction. In this part, write a short introduction of your letter. It will be better when you go straight to the points. Then, avoid using the ambiguous words here and do not make too long introduction.

  • Body of letter

The body of letter is the main part of the business letter. In this part, you should tell the purpose of the letter. Write the main matter inside the letter clearly with a good language usage.

  • Closing

To close the business letter, you need to make a good closing statement. In this part, it will be good when you complete it with the call to action side. Then, complete the closing part by your handwritten signature.

Well, that is all about the things inside business letter to know. Do some researches in order to find the right business letter template.

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