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Notice to vacate letter is a letter written by the landlord and is addressed to the tenant. This letter cannot be written carelessly. There must have reasons why the landlord wants to submit it. Usually, the landlord files up the letter for some reasons.

Mostly, it is because the contract has expired, there is failure of paying the rent, and the neglected of the lease agreement terms. In some case, the landlord may face a problem to run the property. Basically, this letter is made to inform the tenant to vacate or move the property.


What to Write in Notice to Vacate Letter

The function of this letter is likely giving announcement about the remaining times for tenant to move the property into a new one. Formally, the amount of time is circulating around 30 days, 60 days, to 120 days. The general day period the tenant gets is around 60 days or 2 months.

The limit time that is given is enough for tenant to move the property and find a new home. This does not consider to make the tenant as homeless as the landlord is giving time for them to find the right place. As an addition, the range of the days is also good for the landlord to find a new occupant.

How to Write a Good Notice to Vacate Letter

Notice to vacate letter template provides some models. There is a formal version and there is a semi-formal version. It more likely depends on the cases that happen in your property to choose which version you do want to use.

If the cases are complex enough to be submitted to the lawsuit then the letter is valid as legal document. Though, it can be a legal document, the ways of making this letter is similar with other general formal letters.

The form will need to mention about date. Basically, the date time is the moment the letter is written. Then, put the landlord’s name with specific address. If the landlord has two addresses then you can put two of them.

It must be noted to write fully including the state name, the street number, and zip code. Then, on the other line, write the tenant’s name. Same like the landlord’s information, you need to put the address completely full.

Move on to the body letter, here you open the letter with a proper greeting and title. Always give subject on the body letter. Giving subject is important. It tells the recipient to know what the letter is. This is as important as telling what you are going to say in the letter in a highlight.

Just like other sample notice to vacate letter, on the body letter you describes about the problem is such as the tenant has failure to pay the rent for certain times after getting warning repetitively, there is violation in the tenant or any illegal products such as gun or drugs in the house.

Write the cases briefly and clearly. Then, state and inform the tenant about the time of moving. If the tenant didn’t want to agree, the landlord can bring it to the law for further trial. Notice to vacate letter is made by the landlord when the lease agreement has failed to accomplished.


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