39+ Sample Formal Letter Format for PDF, Doc, and Words

Sample formal letter format can be various. It can be used to apply for job, to make cooperation with business partner, make a joint venture, giving loans, make cancellation agreement, and many more. Clearly, this formal letter has a lot of usages. It is used for many objectives as well.

However, there are mainly two types of formal letter that is available. Those are the block style and the Administrative Management Style. Each of the type has quite different form and usage yet the mostly general used one is the blank style.


What Do You Do with to Make a Sample Formal Letter Format?

Just like what has been mentioned before about sample formal letter template, almost all of formal letters that available in the industry uses the blank model. Mostly, people use this block model because it offers clear and neat arrangement. Your letter will always be formed into three parts.

Each of the parts is arranged neatly to give more understanding information towards the readers. The arrangement is divided into three parts. Those are the introducing, the body letter, and the salutation or the closing.

A good formal letter must consist of these three parts. This arrangement is good for business purpose or personal. Meanwhile, the Administrative Management Style contents with simple and direct message. It is mostly used for an internal memo in company.

How to Write the Block Style?

Formal letter format template for block style will always require a sender’s address along with the telephone number. Usually, it is arranged in the top left of the letter. A logo company, foundation, or organization is drawn on the right side.

When the letter is made for company, foundation, or organization, then make sure to add the complete address with additional information in a complete way. This means you need to include the zip code and the state, phone number, the fax number, and the email.

On this letter, put the date under the previous data. Adding the date is necessary, especially if it is a formal type one. Always put a current date whenever you make a formal letter. Though, it seems easy but you need to be careful.

You have to put the right punctuation and diction in your letter. Proof-reading it after making the letter is important. But, before proof-reading it, you need to write the whole letter first. Thus, you need to go the body letter.

Secret tips for you are writing the content into three paragraphs. A good letter is always arranged in the three paragraphs. It is highly not recommended to write more than this number. Use effective sentence to build up your paragraphs.

The first paragraph talks about opening. You can state about the reason or the subject of the letter on this part. The next paragraph is the body paragraph. It means you are going to write the points of your letter. Here, you explain and underline about the purpose of the letter.

The last paragraph is closing. Always use polite words when you want to deliver your message. Sign the letter and put the enclosure under it if you have some in your letter. This is all you need for sample formal letter format


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