Sample Proof of Employment Letter

As you might have guessed, sample proof of employment letter is one meant to be the evidence of your employment to someone. On many occasions in your life, you will need this letter to prove your employment true. As employer, you might find yourself writing this letter for employees, you know.

That is why you will have to know the proper way to write one for those who need it. This letter is one page only, so it won’t take much of your time writing. Still, there are some details you have to pay attention to so you don’t miss anything.


Sample Proof of Employment Letter Tips #1

Unless it is self employment letter, the writer of the letter has to be the employer as the authority of the company the employee works in. Thus, the letterhead of the letter must mention the employer’s organization. That’s how formal letter’s supposed to be. The reader will truly believe its authenticity.

For formal needs, of course one will need such kind of employment verification letter, right? Many letters of this kind don’t use such letterhead. So, make a change now that you know the right detail you will have to put in the letter you write.

Sample Proof of Employment Letter Tips #2

The next thing you have to concern about is the name of the authorized user. In this case, it would be the name of the applicant asking for the letter. For this part of the letter, what’s right to do is to write his/her full name. People may have the same front name, but never for the full name, right?

Mentioning full name will avoid the reader from mistaking it for the other. There might be some employees with the same name. Also, it is more formal to write it in full like this. It won’t feel like the letter is written unprofessionally by you.


Sample Proof of Employment Letter Tips #3

Now that you are done writing the letter, you have to give the letter to the employee, right? For formal use though, formal letter of employment has to be given in hard copy form. So, make double check first for incorrect vocabulary or grammar. Then, you will need to have the letter printed out.

Today, we might have been able to send documents through email. However, in most cases, we need this letter submitted in paper, not file. Besides, files can be easily altered. So, keep everything professional by printing it out in hard copy.


Sample Proof of Employment Letter Tips #4

Before you give it to your employee though, be sure to sign the letter. Don’t try to copy paste your sign on the letter and print it out along with its content. The letter won’t feel real that way. Well, of course, it has to be hand signed by the employer. Original document always goes with wet signature.

You are allowed though if it is a photocopy of the original document or PDF. No one would be able to alter the content and make bad use of your sign as the authority who wrote the sample proof of employment letter. So, be careful about it.


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