Dos and Don’ts to Pay Attention to When You Write Board Resignation Letter Yourself

Though board position is unpaid, professionalism is valued here. It is rewarding and worthy position, indeed. However, people always have their own reasons to write board resignation letter. However, just because it feels unfulfilled for you, it does not mean that you can write the letter as you please.

Of course, you will still have to keep it polite and positive. Maintain good relationship and you can make lasting impression on them. For that, you will have to learn the dos and don’ts to write one. Then, you will make the best one of all here.


1 – Board Resignation Letter Dos and Don’ts

As it was said before, the first don’t you need to avoid no matter what is to vent out your anger through your words in the letter. You might not be satisfied with the company, but don’t be impolite and work hard to compose yourself. You will be haunted by your own words forever if you do that.

You will likely regret it later once you calm down after all. Besides, making bad last impression yourself like that will throw away all the time and hard work you did for the company all this time. Avoid doing it in member resignation letter.

2 – Board Resignation Letter Dos and Don’ts

Next, you will have to pay attention about the time you submit the letter to the board head. Make notification letter that tells the last day of you working for the company. Don’t rush and leave right away as soon as possible. Let them know first through notification and proceed with the next then.

The resignation letter itself has to be submitted at least two weeks ahead of the time. That’s how you maintain professionalism and politeness right through the end of your work with them. Submit the letter personally or you can use email too.


3 – Board Resignation Letter Dos and Don’ts

Make sure you don’t put much detail about the reason for your leave in the employee resignation letter. In most cases, people leave because they are not satisfied with the company they work in. However, don’t be way too honest about that.

It just shows that you vent your frustration towards them. That won’t make good impression at all. If your reasons are personal, just say that you leave for personal situations. Relocating or taking higher education can make the right reasons for that.


4 – Board Resignation Letter Dos and Don’ts

Since you will be going, of course your position will be vacant for some time. For company, every position has to be filled as soon as possible to keep it running. Your leave will bother it for sure, but you can offer assistance within the two weeks until the planned time for your leave from company.

You will still have the time to provide information, training, or even looking for replacement. That way, your leave won’t affect the company for the worse. Do include such intention in your board resignation letter and you will be appreciated.


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