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Sample Employment Verification Letter and How to Write the Letter with Proper Format

Did you find the need in your life to write sample employment verification letter? Anyone would eventually find it since there are indeed many reasons for people to write one. It is just that the writer has to be the one holding authority over the requester, not the requester himself of course.

In the employees’ case, it would be the employer of their company. When they are looking for new opportunities, going abroad, doing research program, or getting some loan, they will need it. Here is how you write the letter for your employees.

Sample Employment Verification Letter Step 1

The formats of this letter vary from one to another, but they are not that much different too. The most common format of all will have to start with letterhead mentioning the employer’s company or organization. That will make the letter looking formally written even before anyone reads the letter.

Employment Verification letter Format

In fact, most cases of this letter are that of formal needs. So, what’s properly to be done is to write the letter formally like this. Once you are done with this employment verification letterhead, the date will come next, right below it to be exact.

Sample Employment Verification Letter Step 2

The letter needs to address the addressee like how letter is supposed to be, to begin with. In this case, you can use “To Whom It May Concern:” It is if you don’t know exactly who the addressee is. After all, your employee requests it for something and it is not always clear who will read this letter.

Employment Verification Request Letter

Then, the first paragraph comes after that. By the letter, you certify particular authorized user as active and current employee of certain company. Write his/her full name, employee ID if any, and the name of the company or organization in it.

Sample Employment Verification Letter Step 3

The next paragraph has to be the details of the authorized user. Mentioning his/her name alone wouldn’t be enough to explain everything about the user. Not even mentioning the ID he/she has and the company he/she works in will do. Employment verification user details have to be precise.

Verification of Employment Letter Sample

So, do be sure to mention the first name, middle name, last name, and email address. You might add other related details. Just make sure it would be enough to fit in one page for this letter is not really designed to be too long for the readers to read.

Sample Employment Verification Letter Step 4

The last paragraph is where you have to conclude the letter. By signing the letter, you can say which organization you are authorized to for you to certify the identity and employment status of the said authorized user before. Once you are done, you can end the letter with “Sincerely,” and signature.

Employment Verification Letter

Below your signature as the authority, you need to write your own details too. At the bottom of sample employment verification letter, mention your first name, middle name, last name, title, and email address and you are done with this letter.

Employment Verification Letter Example

Employment Verification Letter For Visa


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