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Lien waiver form is seen as documents that are created from contractor, subcontractor or materials supplier. It can also be formed from equipment lessor or partners that are related to construction project that has relation with the payment.

Reason Why Creating Lien Waiver is Important

The important reason why this document is created is to give protection in the construction business market. This letter is made to give protection especially for the paying party. The documentation in an exchange of payments is created to inform or to file up a lien from waives to give exact value.

The exact value that is talking about here is about the payment that other party is received. This letter doesn’t have to be notarized. However, in some cases, people can take notarization for the payments in and out that is charged at the door of the construction company.

You must put in mind that the documents should be filed within 90 days as general by the constructors. At specific number of days, a constructor needs to end the documents since the first time the person has working on the company area.

The documents should be filed in the courthouse that is settled in the county. It has to be sent to the county’s courthouse where the property is located. To write this document form, you can follow sample release of lien form to help the writing process better.

How to Write Excellent Lien Waiver

To create an excellent form letter, understanding about certain points will help. This letter is settled up as legal letter. It has function to help the general contractor for protection from the threat of mechanics liens that may happen.

Also, it also protects the subcontractor from the non-payment that may exist. When this letter is created both of the parties will have fair and transparent process of the payment. If you are going to write an excellent form model, you need to follow at least these four things.

These points need to be followed as policy of the letter. The first thing to write a good sample lien release form is making the letter based on the regulate form. Identify the state as the information in the letter. Mention where the statutory of the letter form is created and used.

This can proceed as reference with the standardized form as follow. Then, manage the handle process. It means you need to mention and decide about the time of when the letter is provided and requested, who will authorized and give review of the letter, and who will approve it.

Also, you need to manage how the processes are managed. A road map can be added as a requirement. It is good to manage the letter to automate and make it as electronic form. It will help the exchange process to be done in easier and simpler for people.

The last one is creating the letter with the form composition that is suitable for the county or state where the business is held. There are a lot of Lien waiver forms that you can follow.



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