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Background check authorization form is a kind of form that functions to obtain the consent of candidates to a background check download. This form is needed in various professional capacities such as pre-screening job applicants.

How to Create a Background Check Authorization Form

Making a background check form is easy to do. You just need to follow these steps below. It depends on the purposes. In fact, this form can be used for different purposes. For example, the purpose is to obtain criminal records of someone.

First of all, you have to contact your own state to obtain specific regulation, laws and forms because different states may have different background check procedures. In this case, what you need to contact is the state patrol.

After that, you can start filling out the name as well as the address of an individual, business or agency you want to check. In this case, you also need a signature from the authorized representative agency. So, you have to understand this procedure.

Then, you must document the use or purpose of the background check form. Check authorization form may purpose on job screening, adoptive parent applications, volunteer application, rental tenant screening, or others.

Do not forget to provide the information of person whom you want to search about his or her criminal history. In this case, you need some kinds of information such as full name, birthdate, social security number, driver’s license, etc.

Now, it is time to sign the form or document. It is needed to make the form official. It also requires the individual’s signature. Whoever will be checked about the criminal history, he or she must sign this background check form.

After you fulfill it all, now you can send it to the appropriate agency. Different states may have different rules about it. Sometimes, you also need to pay fees related to criminal record check. So, make sure that you prepare some money for this purpose.

Basically, there are some kinds of information for this background check. Firstly, it includes criminal record check we have discussed above. It must include county records as well as national records. Usually, it relates to security.

Besides, it also includes social security validation. It functions to show the employers whether the candidate lives in an undisclosed location / other aliases that can reveal criminal records. Then, it includes address history check, too. It can also help the employers to check the criminal records.

US terror watch list check is also usually included. This is very important especially when it is related to security jobs such as police. One more, it also includes sex offender registry check. This one is very important for trust positions.

Making this form may take a few days. Usually, it takes around 1 to 5 days to verify the social security numbers & address and also check county & national criminal records as well as US terrorism watch list. Now you can create a background check authorization form when hiring employees if needed.



Background Check Authorization Form

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