Sample Car Lease Agreement Template

If you want to sell or hire a car, you may need to create a car lease agreement. You can make it by your own easily. However, it is important to see the following sample car lease agreement template in this article.

How to Make a Sample Car Lease Agreement Template

We have some tips and advices for you who want to create a car lease agreement form. Firstly, you have to identify the buyer, the seller, and also the reason for the car lease agreement. All of them should be stated clearly. The reasons should be described in detailed, too.

Secondly, you should provide the description of the car. Here, you can state as many as identifying characteristics possible. Make sure that you describe the car specifically. You may state the year, exterior color, model, body type, interior color, and anything else.

The information you state must be accurate. If there is something different between the car lease agreement and the real condition, the buyer will be disappointed. Even more, the buyer will not trust you anymore. You cannot state that the car has 16,000 miles but it actually has 210,000 miles.

Then, you also need to provide the date of the sale. This is very important for the agreement. It should be stated clearly and simply. For example, you can write the date of sale is April 15, 2013. Usually, it is followed by the purchase price.

Purchase price cannot be forgotten in the vehicle lease agreement form. Besides the method of payment, you need to state the amount of the price, too. For example, you can state Buyer agrees to pay 500 dollars in cash to the seller for the purchase price.

Next, it is a must for you to indicate the method of delivery. Sometimes, the buyer is not from local area. So, the car lease agreement should include the method & responsibility of the delivery. There are many options available so that it should be described clearly.

One of the methods of delivery is by shipping the vehicle. If the price does not include the shipping cost, there will be additional cost must be paid by the buyer. Besides, delivery by the seller also belongs to the delivery method. Other methods include delivery by a 3rd party and pick-up by the buyer.

You may have state the description of the car. However, you still need to describe the condition of the car. If the buyer gives a warranty to the buyer, it also must be stated. If the car has some problems, you should state them all in the car lease agreement. Those can be the considerations for the buyer.

Before you give it to the buyer, you must explain it first. You also need to specify the status of the title of the car lease agreement. Last, both seller and buyer must sign the contract to make it valid. That’s all how to create a sample car lease agreement template.


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