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Eviction Notice Template Sample

If you work as a landlord, sometimes you need to evict a tenant for certain reasons. One of the most common reasons is related to the pay rent failure. Destroying properties may also be one of the most popular reasons. So, you must know how to make an eviction notice template.

How to Make an Eviction Notice Template

Here is step by step to make an eviction notice form. First of all, you need to address the form to the tenant named in the lease. Make sure that you provide the right legal name so that the form will be received by the right person.

  1. After that, what you need to do is to notify the eviction tenant. Here, you should clearly & concisely state that the goal of the form is to evict the tenant. However, you have to try to be as polite as possible to minimize the risk. You can make your own words simply.
  2. Then, you should provide the reasons for the eviction. For example, it relates to violating terms of the lease. Or it relates to the failure to pay some rents. It is also possible that you allow the tenant to remedy this & stop the process of eviction.
  3. If you let it, you must clearly state what needs to be done as well as the date it must be completed. For your information, this eviction form is made because of different reasons. So, you have to consider the situations and reasons before you make this one.
  4. Everything should be made as clear and specific as possible in the eviction letter template. You have to make sure that the description of the basis for this eviction is easy to understand. Whatever the reasons of making this letter, you must describe it as clear and detailed as possible.
  5. If the tenant failed to pay the rents, you must specify the payment due date and also the amount. If your tenant damaged property, you should identify clearly what he or she has been damaged. You also must state what you require for the full repairs.
  6. Next, it is a must that you include the date you wish the tenant to vacate the damaged property in the eviction letter. Here, you have to make sure that you are in the legal time frame for the jurisdiction. It depends on the combination of the original lease term length & the eviction reason.
  7. After you create one, you need to make a copy of the eviction letter. So, you will have 2: one is for you and another one is for the tenant. So, if it ends up going to a court, you can show this eviction letter for the proof to the law.

If you have done with the eviction notice template, now it is time to serve it to the tenant. The best way to serve the eviction letter is to hand it in person. So, make sure that you meet the tenant face to face directly.


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