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Sports physical form is a form that is used in a physical examination. This form needs to be filled out by the participants in order to fulfill the physical data for sports subject. The participant must write the answer with complete caution, full of care, and factual.

It is important to show the real information such as physical body and medical record. The height and the weight of the person need to be written correctly. Other personal details should be mentioned in the form as well.

As this is fundamental information, everything needs to be written clearly and correctly. One of the common samples that can be found easily is sample high school sports physical form. In the form data there will be some information that needs to be filled out. What to Write in the Sports Physical Form

On the first line under the title, it always reveals the detail of the general information that should be written by the participant. Mostly the questions blank that needs to be filled is the name of the participant, complete address, the phone number for both mobile phone and home telephone.

Then, the birth date of the person needs to be written in a complete way. The age and the gender of the participant should be mentioned as well. If the form is used for school sport qualification, then you need to mention about the school name, the grade of the participant that study in school.

Also, the participant needs to write about what type of sport that is going to be examined. After that, under the detail data, it will be the emphasize statement that the student has been medically evaluated and that the data written above is correct.

The physical condition of the student is explained based on the boxed that needs to be checked. On the first box, it says that the participant has been participated in all school’s activities especially sports without restrictions.

On the second box, it talks about the participant of the person in any activity that is not crossed out from certain activities. The sports activities usually are divided into three parts. First, it is sports with collision contact or simple named as hard sport.

Then, the other type of activities that are listed in the physical examination form is limited contact sport. Easily, it is listed as medium sports. The last sport activity type is non-contact sports. It means sport that doesn’t require contact or hard physical contact in the process.

Beside these categories that are divided in the table box, there is still another information detail that you need to pay attention. There will be several questions that need your requirement to be filled clearly.

After further explanation that is notified in the form, there will be some general details that need to answer. Those are the attending physician signature, print physician name, office clinic name, complete address that includes city, state, and zip code.

Then, there are the date of the exam, the office telephone number and the email address. Under that detail, you will need to check out the latest information of the immunization that you have. If you have allergies, explain it further. In short, make sports physical form as clear as possible.



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