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Professional bus or truck drivers need dot physical forms. Department of Transportation physical will test the drivers about their physic. In fact, drivers belong to one of the most tiring jobs. So, dot physical exam is needed.

How to Make a Dot Physical Form

To make this form, the easiest way is by downloading the free form on internet. After you find and download the form, now your task is filling out the fields. You need to provide many kinds of information related to the medical examination report.

First of all, fill out the driver’s information. It consists of Driver’s Name including the last, first and middle, Social Security No., Birthdate, Age, Sex, Type of Certification, Date of Exam, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Work Telephone, Home Telephone, Driver License No., License Class, and State of Issue.

After you fill it out, the second section to fill out is about health history. In this section, they are some kinds of information and you just need to checklist the appropriate answer “Yes” or “No” in the box available. Make sure that you fill it out completely.

For every YES answer, you should indicate the onset data, diagnosis, and treating physician’s name & address. Do not forget to provide any current limitation, too. Besides, you also need to list all kinds of medication. It includes over the counter medications that you use recently or regularly.

Next, it is time to signature. Driver’s signature should be filled clearly and also the date of the signing. At the last section, you have to provide the medical examiner’s comments on the Health History. It consists of the discussion about the review related to any YES answer.

DOT Physical Exams

Before the appointment of department of transportation physical form, you should fill out the mentioned Medical Exam Report form. The health condition provided may include brain injuries, epilepsy, heart attack, loss of hearing, kidney disease, stroke, digestive problem, depression, etc.

Your doctor may ask some questions related to your health. Besides, he or she may also take some tests. The test may include hearing test, vision check, blood pressure measurement and urinalysis for drug screen and glucose levels.

After you take the exams, you will get a medical certificate. Mostly, medical certificates can be used for 2 years. However, it depends on your health condition. In relation to driving job, you may get a one-year health certificate.

Not everyone can pass the exam finely. If you fail it, it does not prohibit you to be a driver. You can talk to your doctor related to your disqualifying health condition. So, there is a chance for you to improve it with treatment or any other solutions to improve your health condition.

So, do you really need it? Dot physical forms are needed if your job is to operate a vehicle to carry 15 people or more. You also need it if your job is to operate a vehicle with 10,000 pounds of gross combination weight.



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