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Employee write up form is a type of form that lets managers & supervisors describe the workplace violations & incidents and also record them clearly. Besides that, this form also gives the employees chance to know what the violation was exactly.

How to Create an Employee Write Up Form

There are many reasons why you need employee write up template. Besides tardiness, it can also because of insubordination, inappropriate behavior toward clients / customers, safety rule violation, substandard work, violation of company policy, absenteeism and unauthorized early leaving.

After you are sure to decide to write up an employee, you have to know what to write. This form contains of some kinds of information. Firstly, you must write the name, position & ID number of the employee. After that, you should write up the type of warning.

Then, offense committed should also be written. Next, you need to describe the incident. You should write up the improvement plan, too. The next content to write up is about repeat offense consequences. The last one is area for employee & manager to sing & date.

In writing this form, make sure that you use clear and simple language. So, you can describe the incident or workplace violation of the employee clearly. Besides, you also need to include basic information and improvement plan, too.

Some tips are needed when you want to write up an employee. Before starting, make sure that you are not in angriness. So, you can describe everything objectively. Then, you can start document the employee’s problem.

Employee Write Up Form Information

In this case, you can begin by providing a paper trail. After that, support the decision behind the employee and give concrete employee behavior timeline as well as progressive disciplinary action. Above all, you must stick the facts and stay objective.

Using company policies is also needed. It functions to back you up. There are many examples of scenario why you need to write up the disciplinary performance of an employee. For example is an employee who is late to work constantly. Dress code violation can also be another example.

Sometimes, relevant witness statements also need to be included. You have to keep in mind that witness statements must be factual, build a credible case, and also include disciplinary measures or efforts.

Next, you have to set expectation. It is the key for the improvement. This will also be useful for the employee to improve his or her performance. In this case, you have to focus on the problems or issues done by the employee.

The next tip is to give the news in person. Besides that, receipt proof is also needed. What you need to do is to share your concerns, point back to the policy of company, explain what you expect them in taking response to the write up, and have him or her sign the form to confirm that it has been red.

If it has been done, you may need to have a copy for the employee write up. So, you still have one if you lose it. What’s more important is that you have to follow up the employee write up form you make.



Employee Write Up Form

Employee Write Up Form Example
Employee Write Up Form
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