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If you have an employee who does not follow your policies, you may need to make an employee discipline form. With this form, you can expect to help them to change their attitude or improve their performance. To make this form, there are some tips you should follow.

Do Not Write It Up when You Are Angry

You may feel angry with your employee who does not follow your policies. However, if you want to write up an employee disciplinary form, you have to make sure that you are not in anger. If you feel stressed about the present situation, you have to let yourself calm first.

Document the Problems

Writing up an employee requires you to document the problems. It is very important to document the problems because it protects you in many cases. Besides, documentation is also good to evaluate the performance of the employee.

In documenting the problems, you have to address the form to the employee & provide a record of his or her behavior up to the point. Besides, you also should use specific examples with dates and times. Last, you have to stay objective by mentioning only the facts.

Back You Up Using Company Policies.

When you write up an employee, you have to make sure that you use the policies of the company to back you up. For example, you can use the attendance policy when your employee is late to work constantly. Dress code company policy can be used when dress code violations happen.

Include Relevant Witness Statements

If you write up an employee discipline form, you may also need to include relevant witness statements. In this case, you should follow these guidelines. First, the witness statements must be factual. It means, it cannot be subjective.

Besides that, the witness statements helps to build credible cases of ongoing behaviors that lead to the employee write-up. Last, witness statements include disciplinary measures by other employer or supervisors to change or correct behavior.

Set Improvement Expectation

It is not enough to report that employees are wrong. You also should provide the guidelines how they can improve the performances. In this case, corrective feedback is very important. So, you have to set the improvement expectation.

Deliver the News in Person

Even though you have written up the employee, you still need to deliver the news in person. To begin the conversation, you must share your concerns & take employees through every example of the poor performance. After that, you should point back to the company policies.

Then, you need to explain what happens next & which step you expect them to respond to write up employee. Last, let those sign the disciplinary form to confirm that they have received & red the disciplinary form.

Keep a Copy of the Employee Discipline Form

After your employee sign the employee discipline form, make sure that they also have the copied document. So, you have to copy it at least for 2. Anyway, the most important thing is to follow up so that you can make sure that the employee can improve the performance soon.



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