Sample Teacher Evaluation Form Example

Sample Teacher Evaluation Form Example and What to Include Inside It

For the education need, the teacher evaluation form is an important document to know. Yes, this document is quite important in order to increase the process of obligatory and the procedure in management. That is why knowing the sample teacher evaluation form example is needed.

This document will be nice paper in order to see the performance of the teacher, including the development of their professionalism. By using this document, the management will be able to check the detail activities and the performance of the teacher and value them.

I am sure that it will influence the detail process of education in the school. Every school, of course, wants to have a good teacher with nice teaching skills.

Kinds of Teacher Evaluation Form

As its name, actually the detail of teacher evaluation form is used to do the evaluation to the teacher. This document could be used to evaluate the performance of the teacher, so they could control their best performance in teaching process.

However, before talking more about this document, there are some kinds of the form of teacher evaluation that you need to know. Knowing the kinds of this form is important to increase your knowledge. Well, the kinds of this form are:

  • Preschool teacher evaluation form
  • School teacher evaluation form
  • Student evaluation of teaching
  • Teacher evaluation form for students
  • And others

Seeing the points as above, we may see that there are some kinds of teacher evaluation form that you need to know. When you know some kinds of it, I am sure that you are able to choose the most appropriate form to do the evaluation to the teachers.

How to Make a Good Teacher Evaluation Form?

Some explanations as above say that the form of the teacher evaluation is important in order to control the performance of the teacher. However, how to make this kind of the document? Well, to make this kind of document, there are some information that you need to include there.

Here, we will show you the evaluation from the teacher to the students. Some matters to include inside this document are:

  • The title – for the first, you need to write about the title of the form. Since there are some kinds of the form of teacher evaluation, of course the title is important in order to specify the detail focus of the evaluation.
  • Student information – the second thing to add inside this form is the information of the student. The student here is the object of the evaluation. In telling about the information of student, there are some items to write, such as the full name, date of birth, email, phone, address, student signature and the date of evaluation.
  • Teacher information – besides the information of student, this document also need talk about the information of teacher, as the subject of evaluation. The information of teacher that should be added here is the name of teacher, the subject taught, the name of school, the address of school, phone number and email.
  • Result of evaluation – the last matter is about the result of evaluation. Here, the teacher is also able to give recommendation for the student if it is needed.

Well, that is all about the form of teacher evaluation. You may do some researches in order to find the sample teacher evaluation form example.



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