Administrative Assistant Resume Examples and Descriptions


A lot of people believe that composing a professional and creative administrative assistant resume is difficult. In most cases, the resume will be looking dull and unattractive – making it easy for future employers to pass your resume by and not gaining a second look. However, with the right tips and methods, you should be able to create an appealing resume while highlighting your abilities in the most subtle way. So, how do you manage such a resume?

Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

Not many people realize the importance of an administrative assistant. If you are looking for the unseen hero in the modern industry, you are looking at one. With them, office and work productivity can be quite low. Even if you have a small business or a new startup, the role of the assistant is important. A lot of people may underestimate it but you know better right? Not everyone can be a supportive and helpful administrative assistant because of the heavy workload. That’s why it takes only the highly-skilled people with great competency to do the job.

One way to make sure that the future employers see your true abilities is to compose an impressive administrative assistant resume without overdoing things. You know an exaggerated resume when you see one – and you definitely don’t want yours to end up like one.

Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Name: Devon Spencer

Address: 7606 Clearance Road

Phone: (783) 555-9073


Current job: Administrative Assistant at Blakeview Home Property Inc. in Lakefield North, Seattle


To manage the workflow of the company and the organization by implementing my expertise and skills. The job is to make sure that everything is managed well and arranged neatly so the company’s workflow won’t be affected or obstructed. In the end, this job is crucial to build and also maintain long-term positive relationships between companies and clients – as well as  other third party suppliers and vendors.


  • Proficient and skillful in MS Office, including other software for work management and workflow arrangement
  • Fluent in three foreign languages besides English: French, Italian, and Spanish
  • 4 years experience in customer service and managing customer relationship
  • 4 years experience in content marketing management campaigns
  • A prolific and professional writer. Has been a regular contributor to the companies’ business website
  • 3 years experience in marketing studies preparation and management
  • 3 years experience in social media account management. Has taken part in social media advertisement and promotion several times before
  • Punctual with good sense of time
  • Deep knowledge and understanding in legal terms
  • Neat and highly organized
  • Flexible. Able to work with a team as well as working solo

Work and Professional Experience

Administrative Assistant, 2011 to now.

Blakeview Home Property Inc. in Lakefield North, Seattle


  • Confirm meetings and appointments
  • Filter e-mail, including responding to inquiries related to the company’s workflow
  • Manage and arrange activities calendar
  • Supervise, monitor, and oversee digital marketing projects and activities
  • Review activities on social media and well as the content marketing materials
  • Review and assess date on the operating budgets and planning
  • Preside over and repot Quarterly Business review
  • Oversee customer support, especially for the certain market
  • Plan, prepare, manage, review, discuss, and oversees findings of all related reports from the social media analytics and websites

Executive Assistant, 2008 to 2011

Pennville and Clearview Associates, Milkwand, New Jersey


  • Manage activities calendar
  • Filter and oversee the email as well as the traffic
  • Transcribe audio from the legal proceedings to the text format
  • Note down meetings and dictation
  • Manage and handle phones
  • Performing and overseeing legal research
  • Confirm meetings and appointments


University of Clearview

School of Law

Madison, Portland


Lakeview Clear College

Bachelor of Administration and Business

Madison, Portland

2001 – 2005, 3.5 GPA

Pinewood Brianna High School

High School Diploma

Pinewood, Portland

1997 – 2001, 3.4 GPA


  • MS Office
  • Audio and digital transcription and recording
  • Foreign Language: Level 7 – Spanish
  • Advanced writing
  • Professional transcription
  • CRM administration and business class
  • SEO and Online Site
  • Social media advertisement and marketing

Personal information

  • Married with no children
  • Date of birth: December the 15th 1982

Administrative Assistant Description

The person will be responsible for the administrative tasks, including supporting the company’s tasks and workflow. The person will provide organization support as well as clerical management (and arrangement). The types of work can be various – from the simple ones (such as handling emails and taking letters and answering phone calls) to the complicated ones (such as taking part in the projects or marketing plans). The job shouldn’t be underestimated or taken lightly because al the work flow can be chaotic and turn into a mess when not handled properly by the right person. Basically, the person should be able to coordinate works between professionals and departments.

Administrative Assistant Role in the Company

The reason why we encourage ideal candidate and participants to send their Administrative Assistant resume is because we are looking for the right one. Our company is currently seeking for a professional and skilled Administrative Assistant to join the board. The person will be responsible for performing and arranging both clerical and also administrative tasks. The main job of the assistant is to provide managerial support in terms that the person should be able to manage and arrange the workflow. The person should be able to support employees as well as providing help in daily office requirements. The person should be responsible in managing the general administrative arrangement and activities of the company too. Given the nature of the difficulty of the position, this job isn’t designed and created for the incompetent person. The person should have a good grasp of the job as well as being able to handle the pressure of the job.


Duties and Responsibilities

The general duties of the Administrative Assistant include the following things:

  • Make meeting arrangements and also travel management
  • Prepare reports
  • Maintain proper (and easily understand) filing systems
  • Manage to deal and maintain paperwork and work filing system
  • Make sure that the office operation is running well and smooth
  • Answer, make, and direct phone calls – whenever needed by the employers or other managers
  • Plan meetings or other events, including taking detailed minures and also reports
  • Schedule and organize meetings and also appointments
  • Write, manage, and filter emails. It includes distributing emails, letters, forms, faxes, memos, and also dealing with the correspondence
  • Develop a filing system and maintain a solid organization and keeping. It includes maintenance of the written documents
  • Order office supplies and track the supplies
  • Make research of new suppliers and deals
  • Update the office procedures and policies, including the maintenance of the system
  • Help in the preparation and overview of scheduled and regular reports
  • Manage travel arrangements and managements, including making the reservation and developing itinerary
  • Maintain contact info and lists
  • Submit expense reports, including reconcile them
  • Provide general assistance and support for visitors
  • Act as the bridge between external and also internal clients – including their relationships with the company
  • Work together with senior Administrative Assistant and senior executives to handle and manage requests (and also queries) concerning the crucial projects

Requirements and Skills

  • Possess good written and oral communication ability
  • Have the ability to organize the work and the documentation
  • Posses the ability to work with helpful and supportive tools, such as MS Office and other software. Any familiarity with computer software or programs is an advantage
  • Have the knowledge to operate office equipment, including fax machines and printers
  • Possess a past experience in related field, such as Executive Assistant Administration or Secretary. Any previous experience in Virtual Assistant or  Office Admin Assistant can also be considered – it can be considered as an added advantage
  • Have the knowledge and also familiarity with office management procedures and systems
  • Possess a good time management and the needed skills to prioritize work
  • Have a good attention to problem solving and details
  • Possess strong organizational ability and also the skill to multi-task
  • Have a High School degree. A higher degree in business or management is an advantage

Tips in Composing Good Administrative Assistant Resume

A lot of people always think that making the administrative assistant resume is difficult but that’s not always the case if you know some of the important pointers. Here are some handy tips that you can consider.

  • Understand the common skills for the position. Every position has its own responsibility and work load. Employers like candidates with experience and skills because it means that they won’t have to spend a lot of resources (money, time, efforts, etc) to train the new assistant. The more they are skilled, the faster they would be functional and contribute to the workflow of the company. Once you understand the skills needed for the job and you believe you have them, the easier it will be for you to compose the resume.
  • Give the employers reasons to continue reading the resume. Opening pitch should be interesting. One of them is to include your career objective as the opening pitch.
  • Keep the resume informative and yet concise and short enough. You don’t want to bore the employers with your Administrative Assistant resume mumbling.


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