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Dental Assistant

Resume objective contains your identity and experiences. The resume objective also contains an objective statement to get the employer interest. To creating the objective statement, the job seeker usually facing the problem. There’s no skill to write it is the most problematic for the job seeker. Even though, an objective statement works like a magnet to giving the first impression of yourself into a recruiter. Now, read this post and get your dental assistant resume objective statement.

The Guidelines to Creating Objective Statement

Remember several things below before writing an objective statement for your resume.

  1. Regard the specification or requirements that recruiter needs for the dental assistant position. Learn and checklist, are you qualified for this job?
  2. Write your background, include the personality, education, organization, experience, and skills. It will work as the recruiter consideration to receive you or no.
  3. Write your dedication to the company if you’re accepted an employee. But, you have to stay cool and don’t be arrogant.


7 Samples of objective statement for dental assistant

  1. An energetic and skilled for Dental Assistant which seeking employment at Royale Dental Hospital, bringing the responsible personality, knowing the dental treatment for the patient, and ready to give the dental consultation for the patient. Hope my experience as a dental assistant while internship can complete my ability.
  2. Looking for the professional dental assistant with GPA 4.0 in Faculty of Dentistry coming with recent graduation and a new spirit to doing job description. I’m active with patient dental issues, the x-ray usage, and giving support for the patient, especially children. It will be utilized for this place.
  3. The professional person with certification as a dental assistant looking for to utilize the ability to educate patient, giving the solution for the dental problem, and administer the patient identity. It will be my contribution to motivate people to get healthy teeth in life.
  4. To obtain the dental assistant at Royale Dental Facility. Bringing the experiences for three years as a dental assistant, respect in doing the duty for the patient, can working in administrative service properly.
  5. Seeking the Dental assistant in Heart dental center. Standing with the experiences for two years, having a good character, good communication skills, able to explain the patient issues and to monitor the condition. These all will be utilized maximally when I get this chance to be a part of the dental center.
  6. Applying the job chance as a dental assistant to work with skills in managing the patient needs, confirm the medicine availability and preparing the facilities for dental treatment. The dental assistant should master the basic principle like these. It will be helpful for the dentist.
  7. Searching for the dental assistant position with the ability to administrating the patient, communicate the patient illness, and explaining the recommendation for patient needs. It will be done with depth knowledge, high respect, and confidence.


These all the samples of dental assistant resume objective statement which can you use for your resume. You also can make your creative objective statement. Ensure that you already present the best to applying for the job. Don’t give up!

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