LPN Resume Objective

While you make your curriculum vitae, you should add an objective statement to make the employer interest with your personality. It’s important to show up your ability and your ambition for this job position. The LPN resume objective statement is the first impression for the employer, so make it carefully and don’t be arrogant.

How to Make Objective Statement

  1.    Knowing the requirements that the employer needs. The employer usually writes the specifications of a job position. Learn and adjusting with your skills.
  2.    It’s important to explain your personal, education background and your experiences with this job field. It will influence the recruiter to know more about your ability.
  3.    Make sure the employer why should choose you for LPN position. Tell what will your dedicate there. Now, you’re ready to create an objective statement.


7 Examples an Objective Statement For LPN Resume Objective

  1.    Seeking for the licensed practical nurse with two years internship in a hospital. Bringing out the good attitude, stay on to monitoring the patient’s condition and committed to maintaining the patient medical records. Such a pleasure if my abilities can improve here.
  2.    An experienced as LPN for three years in the progressive health center that coming with depth knowledge, good in knowing the patient issues, quick response to administering the patient data. It will be work to building the integrated health in life.
  3.    Keeping the cooperation with a partner and having high respect for each other is the key to present the best service for the patient. The first principle is how to cure the patients. It should be done with care, responsible, and according to the procedure. Hope my skills for two years internship in health care can be utilized for this hospital.
  4.    Looking for the professional licensed practical nurse with the ability to support the patient itself, educate the treatment that should be done by the patient, discipline on working, and having the good communication skill in the team.
  5.    To applying the licensed practical nurse with four years of nursing experience in Royal Hospital. Standing with the ability to managing the nutrition for the patient, checking the development of health condition for patient regularly and monitoring the medic act to curing the patient. These all can be utilized maximally here.
  6.    As recent graduation from Nursing Academy with GPA 3.8 and coming with high dedication and spirit to build the awareness of the importance of keeping a healthy life. I’m bringing two years experiences internship in Japan Health Center and licensed as a practical nurse. Hope my ability can be useful for this position.
  7.    To obtain the licensed practical nurse position for the health center facility, bring out the ability to secure the medic record of the patient, knowing the medic procedural based on law also having the high responsibility to do a job. It will be so beneficial to improve this health care.


It’s done. These all the example of LPN resume objective statement and the guidelines to create it. Don’t give up to get your dream job. It will be hard for the first, but it will motivate you to work more and more.

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