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Food Service

The HRD of the restaurant will search for a dedicated person for this job. For you who want to apply for this job position, you are obliged to write the curriculum vitae or resume. The resume with objective statement will increase your position. But, you must learn first about the technique and knowledge to make an objective statement. Now, you can see some samples here.

The method to make an objective statement

For the beginner, it seems difficult to arrange the words and sentences to be a good statement. Follow the guide below to create it.

  1. Knowing the recruiter requirements and adjust with your competency.
  2. Create a description of yourself, skills, and work history if you have.
  3. Use wise words without justification, an arrogant, or over-explanation.
  4. Write what’s your dedication or commitment if you are accepted as food service.


7 Unique Objective Statement for Food Service CV

To make you more understand, you can read this objective statement below.

  1. Looking for the food service in High-Class Restaurant. Coming with three years experiences as the waiters, able to work in all shift, good-looking person and can keeping the attitude in front of the customer. I am a hard worker and trusted as a leader because the perfect service is bringing the perfect quality.
  2. Seeking a job as a food service position with three years experiences working. Bringing the abilities in managing the food, quick in understanding the customer want, good attitude and having an interesting appearance. I will dedicate myself on this job position.
  3. An energetic and active woman, seeking a job position as food service in YG restaurant. I am having a good looking, the confident performance, and able to plating. I am motivated and high responsibility while doing a job. I can work in a team or individually.
  4. Seeking for a job as waiters for this restaurant. Bring out the experiences working at a food store. I am coming with multitalented skills as a waiter or customer service. I have good appearance and fast in understanding what’s the customer want. I am ready to work hard in this place.
  5. Motivated and high responsibility in doing a task. Having the talent become the food service specialist, I have six years experiences working on this job. The good service is a key to get the customer trust.
  6. A strong individual with management skill and three years experiences maintaining the restaurant image, provide the best service for the customer and able to show up the good performance all time. Customer trust is the priority.
  7. The recent graduation from Senior High School. Looking for a job as food service, I have no experiences, but I have highly motivated to be here. I am good looking, quick in learning, discipline and a hard worker. Hope my skills can improve at this place.

That’s all the samples of objective statements for your CV. You can take on the examples above and change look like your personality — good luck.

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