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The good executive assistant objective resume usually contains an objective statement which is so important to getting the interest form employer. The objective statement is the key to start creating a resume. Then, how to write an objective statement correctly? This post will guide you to get the answer.

Write the objective statement correctly. 

If it’s the first time you are creating this, you must give the attention more for some guidelines here.

  1. Introduce yourself kindly, write your background and your ability based on the requirements of the job.
  2. Write your motivation or ambition to work as an executive assistant. Deliver with the wise statement, but don’t be arrogant
  3. Tell why you’re the right person to fill up the job opportunity. It’s likely to promote yourself with elegant and not over.

Here, the examples of an objective statement for you.
If you feel confuse about how to write an objective statement, here the examples.

  1. To obtain an executive assistant with five years experiences working in the secretarial and administrative field. The executive assistant should master in company programs, the agendas and able to stay on in work. Hopefully, my skill can be utilized here.
  2. Joining an executive assistant and coming with the abilities in handling the data, doing the staff management to increase the operation of the company. Besides that, the executive assistant work as the backup for executive chief. My ability will be utilized maximally for this company.
  3. The highly motivated and responsible person who able to work as an executive assistant with three years experiences as the staff of the administrative sector. Having good communication skill and excellence in delivering the information. It will be beneficial for this company to bring out the betterment.
  4. Seeking an executive assistant with four years experiences in managing the administrative tasks of the corporation. I’m standing with the abilities which can implement for this job, such as quick in action and take a decision, offering an idea to solve the problems, understanding the company regulation, etc. Wish my skills can be utilized optimally for this job.
  5. The fresh graduate from Office Administration major of UK University. Active in the organization and having the experience in an internship for six months. I’m ready to be the professional executive assistant. I’m quick learning and having good attitude and communication skill. Hope my skill can improve here.
  6. Looking for an executive assistant for Yunyung Group who able to maintain the company database, doing the administration duties, and able to schedule the agendas. The soft skill also important for this position. Fluent in performance, and confidence facing the client.
  7. The reliable as a professional executive assistant in Alpha Company. Bringing three years of secretarial experiences and depth knowledge of job description for this position. Trusted to handle several company projects and run successfully. Hopefully, my abilities can share in a team.

It’s done about executive assistant resume objective. Now, you can create one by yourself or maybe choose and modify it. The employer will interest if you enclose the complete document. Don’t forget to submit the photo to convincing the recruiter. Good luck with your job!

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