Nursing Resume Examples and Job Description

Composing a concise and informative nursing resume can be a challenge but the task won’t be so confusing or overwhelming if you know how. Nursing jobs are important because they are working as the second hand position of the doctor. Sometimes, registered nurses aren’t only responsible for the patients’ well-being but also for the administrative management.

Crafting and composing the right nursing resume can make a huge difference whether you get the job or not. You want to show your qualifications, skills, expertise, and experience without bragging it around. You want to impress the future employers without making it too much or too overwhelming. Not many people realize it but it takes some skills and abilities to craft the right resume so let’s view some of the job’s requirements and descriptions as well as the sample. Hopefully, by the time you are done reading this, you have the idea (and also the capability) to compose your own professional resume.

Nursing Resume Examples and Job Description

Nursing Resume Sample

Name: Mischa Barton

Address: 6982 Clearview Lake Street, Dempsey, New Orleans 86721

Phone: (263) 555-9724



A Registered Nurse with more than 5 years of experience able to provide quality care and professional service to various types of patients. Have a Master degree and qualification in patients’ care and nursing. Current focusing on getting a Doctorate Degree within the same field and industry. Intended to improve my knowledge and experience to fill in the nursing requirements and position effectively in your clinic.


  • Calm and composed
  • Problem solving efficiency and adaptability
  • Able to work and collaborate with others, including doctors, staff, and others
  • Good and solid time management
  • Critical and logical thinking
  • Fast decision making
  • Possess a strong work ethic and professional conduct
  • Able to handle pressure
  • Leadership

Professional Working Experience

A professional Registered Nurse

Alaheim Clinic. January 2014 – present. Richmond, New Jersey


  • Work together and coordinate the workforce management with focus on departmental, individual, and hospital related scope
  • Provide a clear and direct professional care to patients which include recording, monitoring, overseeing, and evaluating the medical conditions up to 25 patients a day
  • Develop, direct, and manage the staff rotational system in patients care within the department
  • Interact and build positive environment with patients – regardless the ethnic backgrounds and all age coverage. It includes providing quality medical treatment and care while developing a positive communication
  • Lead, mentored, and monitored 12 newly nurses in achieving and developing professional expertise


Awarded as the Nurse of the Year in 2015 and 2017

Assistant Nurse

Briarwood Hospital Center. March 2012 – December 2013. Morgenstein, Portland.


  • Worked together with 3 other nursing clerks and staffs in maintaining a peaceful and calm environment in patients care and well-being
  • Helped physicians in measuring heartbeat, taking blood pressure, and also recording health vitals within the physical examinations
  • Worked together with supervisors, while being guided and mentored, for managing and facing difficult situations involving patients and also their families
  • Supervised and monitored patients admission in emergency and sudden cases while directing the patients transfer from the locations to the medical care setting with the ambulance


Master degree of Nursing

Epical University

Richmond, New Jersey / 2017

Bachelor degree of Nursing

Los Angeles University

Los Angeles, California / 2012

Personal information:

  • Married without children
  • Date of birth: February 26th 1991
  • Interest: social work, travel, culinary

Nursing Position in Our Clinic

We are currently seeking for a professional and dedicated Registered Nurse to join our team. We are opening several positions for the nurse since our clinic has recently opened and we are in need of several qualified and professional nurses. We are both looking for an advanced and experience (senior) nurse as well as the fresh graduates looking for starting off their career in the healthcare industry.

We welcome everyone with the passion and the drive to work in our clinic. Be advised that the work won’t be easy. That’s why we believe that only the special and talented people could handle the task and also the pressure. The reward is quite handsome and there are always possibilities of personal development and career advanced. However, we are looking for those really determined to help others regardless the financial reward.

Nursing Job Description

Today’s nursing job isn’t only limited to taking care of the patients’ health but also to the overall management sector. Naturally, nurses are experienced to restore and promote patients’ condition and health by implementing nursing process. They should also work together with doctors as well as other people (including the multidisciplinary team members) in providing psychological and physical supports – not only to patients but also families and friends. Senior nurses are responsible for supervising and monitoring the assigned team members.  Such an information can be found in an informative and concise nursing resume, which can attract the employer’s attention when composed and written correctly.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage the administrative work that deals with documentation, paperwork, and patients records. It includes managing and handling schedules and appointments
  • Identify and understand patient care needs and requirements by establishing professional and also personal relationship with the actual and potential patients. It includes establishing communicative relationship with other people in the position to understand care needs, importance, and requirements.
  • Establish, maintain, and oversee a positive and compassionate environment by providing psychological, spiritual, and emotional supports – not only for the patients but also their friends and families
  • Maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable working environment by following the regulations, rules, and procedures. It includes asking for help from other health care personnel and support
  • Resolve and come up with patients needs and problems by coming up with multidisciplinary strategies and methods
  • Promote patients well-being and independence through patient care establishment and goal. It includes teaching friends, families, and patients to understand the medication, condition, and also self-care ability. Nurses are also responsible for answering questions related to the medical treatment and care
  • Make sure the care quality by following the therapeutic standards. It includes the health outcome measurement against the care standards and goals. Nurses will also be responsible for recommending or making the needed adjustment without straying far away from the nursing and hospital philosophies. They can’t make decisions or policies by following the care standards set by the Nursing State Board and other governing agency
  • Make documents of the patients’ care service through record and document management
  • Protect employees and patients by following to infection-control protocols and policies. It includes making sure of proper storage procedures and medication administration by adhering to controlled substance regulations
  • Maintain and keep patient confidence while protecting operations by the same time by keeping the confidential information
  • Maintain positive environment and continuity among nursing teams through actions communication, documentation, and also irregularities documentation
  • Contribute to team efforts by completing tasks and recommendations as needed
  • Make sure of equipment operation by completing maintenance requirements while following the manufacturers’ directions and instructions. It includes calling for fixes, troubleshooting malfunctions, evaluating new techniques and equipment, and maintaining inventories
  • Make sure that positive and cooperative relationships between teams are intact. It can be done through responding to requests, communicating info, participating in team’s solution and methods, and building positive relationship
  • Maintain the supply inventory by anticipating the needed supplies and checking stocks to check the inventory level. It also includes expediting and placing supply orders, verifying supplies receipts, and using supplies, as well as equipment, as needed to achieve job results
  • Maintain and keep technical and professional knowledge by reviewing professional publications, attending educational workshops, participating in professional societies, and establishing professional (and also personal) network.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in nursing and health care management. A higher degree in the related industry, including management, is acceptable
  • Possess clinical and technical skills
  • Possess a positive attitude –not only among co-workers and staffs but also for patients and their families
  • Have a good psychological knowledge that can provide a calming and soothing effect for patients
  • Possess a good knowledge, especially in infection control
  • Have the ability to administer medication and standard nursing skills in general
  • Possess a good communication skill in both verbal and written communication. The ability to listen and stay calm in a stressful condition is always welcome
  • Possess a good attitude in team work
  • Have a flexible ability in working alone as well as in a team
  • Able to multi-task, especially under pressure or emergency situation

Composing an Interesting Resume

Not everyone has the ability to create an attractive nursing resume. But with a little training, you should be able to do it easily. If you have a past experience in the nursing sector, be sure to include the information in your resume. Of course, it would be helpful if you can find out what’s needed from the job. In that way, you know whether you are the right person for the job or not.

What if you are a fresh graduate without a direct experience? You can include every useful information, such as academic achievement, study achievement, and such thing alike. If you have the internship experience (or other related programs), it would be wise to include such an info in your resume. If you are able to do this, your nursing resume will be attractive and appealing.

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