Project Management Manager Resume Sample and Job Descriptions


Composing the right-on Project Management Manager resume can be a tough task but it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a winning result. A resume is needed to show your qualifications and ability. It is basically the summary of your achievement, skills, and experience in a shorter form presented to the future employers responsible for the hiring. Based on the resume, they can decide whether to accept you or reject you.

Basically, the resume is your extension of professional line of work and experience. It shows your academic and also professional lists with a little inclusion of personal information. When applying for a job, you need to send your resume first. The employer will view and read your resume, and then decide whether they should continue with the interview or not. Then, based on the interview, you can get the final decision whether you are hired or not. That’s creating winning and appealing resume is crucial, and it includes your Project Management Manager resume.

Project Management Manager Resume Template Sample

Project Management Manager Resume Sample

Maple Wood-Willis

Apple Cedar Park 2918

Austin, Texas

(243) 555-0962


Hardworking and experienced Internal Project Manager with a long years of experience – more than 7 years – being involved in unique and important projects as well as leading (and managing) effective teams.


To use the skills, expertise, and experience in various industries and sectors that can help to improve the company’s or organization’s efficiency and workflow. Able to work in any kind of setting while  maintaining professional skills and manners while making connections to other parties, including colleagues, third parties, and clients.


Briarwood Western, August 2006 to December 2010

Master of Business and Management Administration

Briarwood Western. August 1998 to December 2001

Bachelor of Business and Marketing Administration

Project Management Certification, V3 ITIL Certification

Professional Working Experience

Smith and Alamis. April 2016 to present.

Senior Project Manager


  • Create project planning and strategy schemes, including the project documentation
  • Responsible for forecasting and budgeting, which also includes risk management, expense reports, execution, monitoring, and also status reporting
  • Create and plan map projects designed for budget monitoring and tracking
  • Work together with other staff members and participants to determine (and make sure the punctuality) of the project timeline
  • Responsible for completion of the project lifecycle from the beginning inception to closure

Closetech. January 2014 to March 2016.

Senior Project Manager


  • Managed and arranged the program delivery from end to end
  • Created, planned, managed, and oversaw the master program scheme and plan
  • Provided guidance and help to the team as well as other program managers
  • Developed and maintained project plans with estimates, forecasts, and also resource assignments and monitoring

Home Improvement Storage. October 2010 to December 2013

Product Manager


  • Developed Architecture and strategy for clients to get along with the business plans
  • Created, maintained, and developed risk mitigation plans
  • Worked together with other teams and staff from other departments to determine and record product timeline


  • Team player but also strong as individual
  • Conflict management
  • Vendor management
  • Team leadership and management

Personal information:

  • Single, in a relationship
  • Date of birth: March 6th 1983
  • Interest: action figures, books, culinary, crafts and arts

Team Management Manager Job Description

Team management manager or the internal team manager is basically the leader of a certain team or group (generally groups of employees) that is responsible for overseeing and managing the daily operations within the team. The leader will be responsible for overseeing a lot of tasks and duties corresponding to the type of team they have. For instance,  a team management in a call center will be responsible for coaching employees and monitoring calls. In a manufacturing sector, the leader has the duty to supervise the line of production.

When you compose your own Project Management Manager resume, it is crucial to include the expertise and special skills you have. After all, you are responsible for the department operation, problem solving, and also daily planning. The person is responsible for making sure that the team meets the goal as well as the service – set up by the company.

Project Management Vacant Position

Our business is looking for a dedicated and passionate Project Management manager that will be responsible for the project team’s overall work. The person will manage, direct, and oversee the team with the responsibility of scheduling, managing scope and cost, and also dealing with outside vendors and internal staffing. Because the nature of the work that is quite challenging and complex, we are looking for a person with at least a bachelor’s degree in business, management, or marketing and business. The manager will make sure that the department or project milestones are met while making sure that everyone in the team is able to work together and deliver their each best performance to complete the team.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Able to handle everyday activities while guiding the team members
  • Set the project goal or target, help with the rising issue, and implement the proper guidelines
  • Make sure that all members understand the project’s objectives while making sure (and also observing) that everyone works together to achieve the objectives
  • Perform constant and continuous monitoring for the team member as well as the entire project’s goals and flow
  • Able to create and then develop plans or strategies to manage the team and deal with the arrangement
  • Be responsible for the members’ training and coaching
  • Foster a creative, cohesive, and comfortable working environment. It includes providing mediation and assistance in interpersonal conflict and issues
  • Provide directions and leadership when needed
  • Implement team objectives in the most efficient way
  • Provide effective and building feedbacks that will help in each member’s personal growth and development
  • Utilize and implement technology properly and effectively
  • Stay updated with the latest trend and improvement, especially in relation to technology

Requirements and Skills

  • Posses a solid interpersonal skill to help them build and maintain positive relationship with everyone – clients, colleagues, team members, vendors, and other third parties
  • Self motivated. Able to deliver positive aura while providing encouragement and support to others
  • Have a good customer oriented personality that can be helpful and pleasant to customers – even when trying to resolve problems
  • Bachelor degree in Business, Management, or other related fields. A higher degree is welcomed
  • Possess a past, proven, and direct experience in management or other related fields. Having a certificate in managerial position or management level is acceptable
  • Able to make effective and responsible decision
  • Able to work under pressure or under a stressful environment
  • Possess a good communication skill in both verbal and written form
  • Have a good initiative that can help with the improvement of the company and the efficiency of the team
  • Able to meet targets as well as leading a group of people
  • Possess a solid management and leadership ability to ensure that the team is working efficiently

Tips in Creating an Interesting Resume

You have to admit that creating the Project Management Manager resume isn’t easy. A lot of people are confused, especially if they have long years of experience, because they want to include all of the experience in the resume but they don’t want to make the future employers bored. No need to worry, there are some handy and useful tips to help you compose and create an appealing resume while highlighting your abilities and skills.

  • Start with appealing visual element. The employer will choose a resume that is appealing to their eyes. If the application is only a few, it is probable that they will read all of them. However, if the application is abundant, it is possible that they only choose several that are interesting for them. You should be able to come up with clean format. For instance, make groups of specific info together so they are easy to read and understand.
  • Be efficient and effective. It means that removing information that isn’t related to the current vacancy will make your resume more appealing. A disorganized resume is easily ditched and forgotten. Removing old info will be appreciated. That’s why it is necessary to read the vacancy well and understand what it needs – and wants. From the information, you can tweak the information (related to your expertise) and present the collaborating information to the employer.
  • Be mindful about format and typo. A lot of people tend to underestimate this factor, thinking that it’s okay. In reality, it is one factor that employers will note from you. The way you compose your resume can tell whether you are meticulous and careful or you are ignorant and careless. You don’t want to miss out an opportunity because of a small and slight mistake, do you? After all, a perfect spell and grammar check will show your qualification as a professional.
  • Don’t be afraid to customize the resume. It is related to the second tips – about knowing what the vacancy wants and expects from you. Just because you already have a resume, it doesn’t always mean that you should be using it. By customizing it, you can target the employer in presenting your abilities and skills that are needed for the job.

In the end, the matter of composing a resume shouldn’t be taken out lightly. If you have read the samples and the general job description, creating your own Project Management Manager resume should be easy. 

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