Restaurant Server Resume Sample and Job Description


Not many people understand the importance of a restaurant server resume, often underestimating the job and the role in the service industry. This is an industry offering a lot of fruitful opportunities for those who are talented and driven. Many of the successful people start from the low position – a position that not everyone wants.

You need to remember that this is a competitive industry. If you are lousy or incapable of doing your job, it would be easy to find your replacement. Although the service industry won’t be running without the labor and the job force, it would be easy to find various people who are willing to do anything. Just to ensure that they get the job, it would be easy to find anyone with different talents and abilities.

Restaurant Server Resume Sample and Job Description

The restaurant server resume should be impressive. It should stand out among the others to make sure that future employers would be willing to read yours. If you have the passion in the hospitality industry and you don’t mind working from the lowest position, then it would be your best chance to learn how to create an impressive and attractive resume. After all, you want to make sure that you catch the employer’s attention. It is only doable if you know how to compose the appealing resume.

Restaurant Server Resume Sample

Claire Daniels

6521 Realview Street, Colorado Board,

Colorado 76910

(906) 555-8744


A dedicated and professional server in hospitality industry that has been involved in many projects – including events, catering service, and also restaurant industry. Determined to provide the best service while assisting guests understand the choice of food and beverage. Understands the needs of impeccable service skills and also people person ability, making sure that making contacts and relations with the guests are important.


  • Personable and highly organized server with long years of experience to provide great customer service – ranging from casual cafes to fine dining and sophisticated restaurants
  • Dedicated and qualified to make sure customer satisfaction by remaining friendly and accessible
  • Exceptional and solid team building and interpersonal skills with the purpose of building positive relationship with different kinds of people, including managers, customers, and colleagues
  • Talented for fast resolving problems and issues before things are escalated
  • The knowledge of menu offerings, including spirits, gourmet foods, and also wine pairings
  • successful ability in multitasking while remaining courteous and professional in the busy and fast-paced environments
  • Skilled at fulfilling, identifying, predicting or anticipating guests needs and clarifying special certain orders

Credentials and Education

University of Colorado – Antwerps, Colorado

Business and Marketing Subjects, 2016

Simple Living and Health Catering service permit (current)

Class 12 Server’s permit (current)

Colorado State liquor permit (current)

Professional Working Experience

Simple Living and Health Catering – Colorado. September 2017 to present

Staff and server


  • Take orders and phone calls regarding food and beverage order
  • Manage schedules related to events and shows
  • Help with event preparation and serving
  • Assist guests in choosing the meals and drinks

Classic Sandalwood Restaurant – Colorado. January 2018 to present



  • Help guests in making orders by informing specific menu options and specials
  • Respond and answer inquiries concerning meal service and preparation.
  • Up-sell specialty beverages, appetizers, and also desserts to increase the check average of the guests
  • Work together and coordinate with kitchen staff to make sure accurate and timely order preparation
  • Follow-up regularly with guests tables and respond immediately to fulfill additional and extra requests.
  • Collect balance transactions and payment with receipts


  • Informally known as the Lead Server with the responsibility for closing and mentoring new servers concerning company policies, menu items and procedures. Also responsible for overseeing opening vacancy for new servers
  • Achieved (consistently) the highest guest checking averages among other full time servers through dessert-to-go and suggestive selling orders
  • Frequently helped colleagues during the busy hour and rush period to promote teamwork while delivering exceptional guest dining and service experience.

Telescope Coffee Shops – Tinkersand, Colorado. August 2015 to November 2017



  • Helped customers in ordering menus and items, include making recommendations of the menu items
  • made sure that delivery is provided in the most accurate, prompt, and efficient
  • Ensured high guest checking average by selling and suggesting extra beverage and food items
  • Continually visited the tables to improve and promote attentive and inviting service
  • Provided and offered help to lounge staff and bartender
  • Conducted and managed restocked supplies and inventory tracking


  • Awarded the Best Server from January 2016 to August 2016
  • Won WInstorm Sales contest resulting in 35% increase within the monthly sales
  • Significantly increased the guests checking averages by wine selections, specialty items, and promoting appetizers and also deserts
  • Collaborated and worked together with other staff to create attractive and appealing front of house appearance and display to promote sales and market new items

Restaurant Server Job Description

This is a term with gender neutral characteristic for those who are parts of the wait staff. Servers are generally hired and a various establishments, from casual eateries to advanced fine dining settings. Such a job requires the person to be on the feet, often for hours. Although part-time employment is the common condition, some make this profession their full-time commitment – often having two or three jobs within a day. Because the nature of the work, it takes a strong and fit person who is able to move swiftly and to be on their feet for hours.

Restaurant Server Opening

Our new established and opened restaurant is seeking for a professional and competent restaurant server to take, record, and deliver orders. The person will be the representative of our business establishment and they will be responsible for the customer’s flawless and satisfying experiences. The food server responsibility includes making sure of the tidiness and cleanliness of the tables so they will be ready when the guests arrive.

The server will also present menus as well as serving beverage and foods. The person has to be agile and quick along with friendly and polite attitude. Do you feel that you are the right person for the job? Do you have the passion in this industry? Do you like meeting new people, talking to them, and responding to their requirements in the fast-paced setting, then you are probably the perfect person for the job. Basically, your main purpose is to provide responsive, friendly, and premium service that will help the restaurant in attracting and maintaining customers.

Duties and Responsibilities

Basically, the server’s responsibility and task depend on the type of business. But in general, the main task is to take orders, provide impeccable customer service, and deliver foods (and beverage). In most cases, servers are expected to be able to answer questions related to the menus. Since they will be working with other staff and the kitchen to make sure efficient operation, they should develop positive attitude and cooperative manner.

In general, the main duties include:

  • Greet, welcome, and attend to customers when they enter the restaurant
  • Prepare restaurant tables with attention to order and sanitation. It is also common that servers are expected to clean up the restaurant (and the surrounding premise) when it closes
  • Present the menus and assist customers with beverage and food selection
  • Take orders and serve them
  • Work together with other servers and other staff members, including bar or kitchen staff
  • Make recommendations or answer questions for extra and complimentary products
  • Issue bills and accepts (all kinds of) payments
  • Deal with problems or complaints with a positive (even pleasant) attitude

Requirements and Skills

This is a position at the entry-level so extensive experience or formal education is often not needed, unless the person is working in fine dining restaurants. The servers are often required to maintain a neat and positive appearance and able to deliver good customer service. In some states, permits are often required, especially for professional setting.

The general requirements include:

  • Hands-on and direct experience in managing customers and cashier duties
  • Proven solid waitering or restaurant serving experience
  • Responsible and trustworthy
  • Positive attitude that enables the person to work with other people
  • Attention and focus to safety and cleanliness
  • Good people skill with friendly attitude
  • Good verbal communication skill
  • Patience, including customer-oriented approach
  • High school diploma, but this is not obligatory

Composing an Effective Resume

Writing an efficient and attractive restaurant server resume isn’t easy but it doesn’t mean that it is an impossible task. There are some elements that you should include in the resume – not only to make it stand out as well as making the employers interested.

  • Professional tone and summary. The resume should contain concise and yet informative sentences that will introduce you to the employer. Imagine yourself in the employer’s shoes. What do you want from a candidate? What kind of information you want to get from reading the resume.
  • Skills inclusion. You should include both the hard skills as well as the soft skills. It would be best if you can learn the job vacancy and then decide which one you should highlight to attract the employer’s attention
  • Education and working history inclusion. Although the job doesn’t require you to have higher education level or experience, it is always better to include them in your restaurant server resume.
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