Sales Account Manager Job Description

Sales Account Manager Job Description

Pacifica Borderline is a growing clothing company that was first established in 2012. As the years passed by, our company is growing and expanding with more and more chain stores to open. We are recently opening the tenth store in Atlanta and it is our intention to hire a professional, qualified, and dedicated Sales Account Manager to join the board. The main responsibility is to oversee and monitor sales as well as developing good and long-term relationships with clients and customers.

A professional manager should be able to deliver what customers’ needs. It includes meeting customers’ requests, needs, and demands and making sure that they are satisfied. The responsibility also covers responding to customers queries in a timely and professional manner while trying to deliver a positive outcome in customer experience.  The individual should possess a good negotiation and communication skill – and focusing on customer service orientation. In the end, the manager is responsible for building long term, positive, and successful client relationship for the sake of growing the company and the business.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Act as the company’s representative to be the point of contact. It also includes handling individual needs – or even custom requirements – from each customer
  • Manager the accounts portfolio to achieve and generate success – especially for the long term purpose
  • Generate and create new business by using the existing and also potential networks of the customers
  • Create, manage, develop, and maintain a positive relationship with customers and clients
  • Suggest and create actions that can affect and improve the sales performance. It also includes the crucial actions to identify growth opportunities and chances
  • Supervise, monitor, and oversee account representatives to make sure that sales increase is happening
  • Make reports on the account transactions and status
  • Be able to resolve conflicts. It includes the ability to provide solutions for customers issues and complaints – if it can be done in a timely manner, it would be even better
  • Set, manage, and track the account sales targets, which should go along with the company’s purpose and objective
  • Report the account status and also transactions
  • Monitor the sales metrics which should be done for annual forecast and quarter sales result

Skills and Requirements

Have the knowledge, experience, and familiarity with MS Office, especially Excel, and CRM software

Have a past working experience as Sales Account Executive or Manager

Have a good and positive track record in this professional sector. A previous experience in sales and the expertise in delivering satisfying customer experience is a plus

Have impressive negotiation and also communication skills with adaptable flair

Have a good understanding and an in-depth knowledge of the sales performance and quality metrics

Bachelor degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or such thing alike

Have a positive attitude that can inspire and encourage others


Salaries, benefits, and bonuses will be discussed during the interview

Candidates who believe in their qualifications are welcomed to apply. We are always excited to mee and find new and fresh talents. Don’t hesitate to send your cover letter and CV to: before October 5th 2017.

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