54+ Cornell Notes Templates

Save Your Time Making Note With This Cornell Notes Templates

People have a different way of taking note during lecture whether it is in visual structure, mind mapping or making long sentences. However, things will get easier when you have an easier writing system which is called the Cornel notes. It is basically a quick strategy to record information you get whether you are in the class or note some important information which you should do it quickly. In fact it is scientifically proven that most people can memorize things easily when using this method, moreover when you have Cornell notes template on your hand.

Historically, the Cornell note-taking was from Cornell University which is used to take notes. But thanks the inventor for making it possible for any kind of situation.

What Are The Best Things of Cornell Notes?

The Cornell notes bring a friendly layout that will help you put detail. This includes the name/subject (it can be a seminar, lecture, course or meeting) and a date. Then, the layout will be divided into three parts with the smaller column on the left then bigger space on the right side and below the column, there is a space for creating summaries.

What makes the Cornell notes becomes interesting is it discourages the long sentences. This is all about short notes with sharp details. You can write down the abbreviations and symbols on the right part.

This method is easier because you can stick to the point and it can help you practice memorizing all of the materials in the class because this method only forces you to stick with the points, not details.

On the left-hand side, you can write down the questions with some keywords and break down the details on the right sight. You can either write it immediately or after lecture finished.

Besides, the Cornell Note can also be used as Powerpoint presentation with the same format. This not only eases you presenting your idea but also helps your audience understand it.

How To Utilize The Cornell Note Templates?

In brief, you should include the bellow main things to make effective notes:

  • Record – First of all you can do is recording the lecture with telegraphic sentences. It is better to use 5-6 sentences only or you are allowed to use less than that.
  • Questions – Make a question after you make a record, then you need to put a question on the left-side column related with the notes you take.
  • Recite – You need to cover the section using the paper and look at the question, then say it the answer out loud and makes sure everything is relatable.
  • Reflect- Explore the topic then go with the context by a look at how this applies or look at the fact.
  • Review – Spend at least 10 minutes a week to review your note so you can get the best use of Cornell notes.

The Cornell Notes seem very easy to apply except making the lines and columns manually, but you can use the Cornell notes template to save your time. Our site gives you a huge number of Cornell Notes templates that you can use for daily need like lecture or recording important things.

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