Sample Theraphy Note Template

Theraphy Note Template for PDF and Doc

Therapy note template is used in a medical and healthcare practice. This note is used to capture and record the information data of patients. It also helps doctor, physicians, and the medical staff to arrange plan and do monitoring of the therapy session.

This note is useful in the clinic and therapy session. It doesn’t only be used for therapy’s documentations but also for liability of any alleged case that may appear between patients and the doctor, physicians, or therapist.

It protects both of parties from the breach of contract, ethical, or any legal requirement that has been bound between them. This note that is used for medical history for patients with documents has various styles. There are various templates that may help.

Easy Samples for Therapy Note Template

This note can be formed by following simple template. There are a lot of variants that is included as this type of note. Sample daily note template is one of the basic notes that are mostly used. This is simple design that doesn’t need complex design arrangement.

This form consists of two tables. Above the form, there will be title that mentions about what the note is about. Then, under the title general information is added such as client’s name, date of birth, and the month or the year the therapy session happens.

After that, two tables are added in the form. The note simply consists of two tables. Each of them informs about the date and the SOAP description that happened during the therapy. It is important to put the date in an order way.

This helps the therapist to understand about the client’s condition in good order. Each of the meetings will be recorded in the note along with the description and the information that is gathered during the therapy meeting.

Design Template for Group Therapy

The note is the tool that will keep the information to clients and relatives. It is the perfect tool to give and inform about clients’ updates. Unlike the daily template that consists with simple data, the group model designs from more complex data information.

To create this group design, there are certain points that need to be mentioned. This note design is not only show about the progress like what is seen in the progress note template but also shows about the complete condition of patients.

In the note form, aside from the general information the details that are given in the form are the rating of the group behaviors along with specific notes, the monthly evaluation with complete data, and the individual contributions to the session.

In this form, there are ratings that are divided into low, medium, and high. Then, there are several section points that mentions clearly about the client’s condition in a specific way. It is such as the client’s emotion, topic such as participation, motivation, and more.

This form also gives special section for therapist to write long enough paragraphs for client’s condition and the client’s contribution for the therapy session. This helps the therapist to get more accurate diagnosis and give the right recipes for client.

Other than that, the note form still needs to be formed with certain basic information such as client’s name, group’s name, date of the therapy session, and other information. The other information is the therapist name along with the co-therapist.

The time started and finished needs to be mentioned as well along with the total duration of the therapy session. Therapy note template can be very helpful in a medical therapy session. Whenever someone needs to find templates or samples, this can help.


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