Sample Painting Estimate Template

Painting Estimate Template Sample and Details

If you are interested in painting business, you have to know how to create a painting estimate template. This is a form where you estimate the costs of your painting jobs. So, you can reach agreement with detailed cost estimation.

How to Write a Painting Estimate Template

Painting estimate form can be made easily. It is a simple form but you have to be careful to make it. First of all, you can start with the title at the top. You can write “Painting” or add it with your office or your project name.

Now, you should provide the date of quote. Below it, you have to provide the information clearly about the receiver and the sender. Do not forget to include the phone number below the names or office’s names to ease the communication.

After that, you can continue to create the descriptions of painting work. You just need to make a table that includes the work description and the fee estimation. Write the work description as clear as possible and write the reasonable estimated costs.

Under the table, you cannot forget to provide the proposed start date. It is very important to make sure that the painting job will run well based on the schedule. The proposed start date depends on you. So, make sure that you plan this schedule well.

The last section is signature. For the signature, you have to provide the space for both customer’s signature and the painter’s signature. For the space of customer’s signature, you can add the quote:  I have read, understand & agree with quotation details.

It is easy to make the space for signature. Here, you just need to include the name of customer, signature and date. It is also same with the painter’s signature. Name, signature and date should be included, too.

Tips to Make a Painting Estimate Template

Before you start creating a painting estimation template, there are some tips to pay attention first. To estimate the costs, you need to measure the room or home, subtract areas that will not be painted, determine how much paint needed, figure out the paint cost, and determine the material costs.

Besides, factoring in extraneous cost is also needed. What you need to do first is to factor in the basic labor costs. You also must think about any factor that can lengthen the time of painting. Potential accident account should also be considered.

Then, you should calculate the total of cost. If you cannot estimate the cost well, it is also good to ask for a professional painting estimate. You can describe and explain your painting job and ask for advices to him or her. Do not be shy and afraid because you can learn much from him or her.

There are many people who still make many mistakes when they create a painting estimate template. To avoid it, you have to know the common mistakes. Besides that, it is also important to understand the key elements in creating this.


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