Sample Intent to Vacate Letter Template

Sample Intent to Vacate Letter Template for Tenant PDF, Words, Doc

Sample intent to vacate letter helps you who may live as tenant at some landlord’s rented place. The time of tenant vacate usually starts from 30 days up to 90 days depends on the complexity of the schedule, agreements, and other things that needs to be handle.

If you are a tenant that is going to move to a new place, you highly need to write a vacate letter in order to inform the landlord about your moving. The letter needs to include specific stuff. It is important to mention about certain information.

You need to inform the date you start to vacate the room, the new address and contact number, and other things that you think needs to be done within a month or so. You can choose between 30 days, 60 days, to 90 days to prepare everything.

able Intent to Vacate Letter

Choosing the Time of Doing Intent to Vacate Letter

The amount of time the tenant could offered the vacate letter is within a month, 2 months, or the longest 3 months. Choosing the amount of time depends on what you need and how complex of moving will be. Usually, the time of doing vacate is around 30 days or a month.

However, in some cases, the tenant may need a lot more time to move. It can be 2 months or 3 months at maximum. A vacate letter to tenant template informs the landlord about the exact date. If you apply 30 days to vacate by starting from 1st August, then by 30th August the moving is done.

Intent to Vacate Letter

Sometimes, the tenant may ask for 90 days vacate. You can discuss about it to the landlord first. If the preparation needs longer time, then you can ask for this choice. Remember to also put the reason and explain the details why you need those amounts of time.

What You need to Write in the Letter

When writing the letter, you need to put everything as clear as possible. You have to mention about the exact date of vacate. Mention about it clearly, it helps both of the tenant and landlord to prepare everything. Make it clear it understandable sentence.

As an addition, you can also mention about the remaining deposit that is still left in the rent. If you have sent a deposit before you start to rent, then when the contract has expired and you are planning to move you can ask for this deposit again to the landlord.

Intent to Vacate Letter Example

In some condition, you can also mention about the legal action if there is trouble during the moving in the letter. Besides that, it is substantial to put your new address if you have found a new place to rent as well as your phone number in your tenant to vacate letter for landlord. check this site for more template.

It will be better if you inform the landlord by sending the letter. But, still keep in mind to write it in a good order. Explain what you want to say clearly. If you ask for refundable deposit, mention about the deadline as well. Make your sample intent to vacate letter as clear and detailed as possible.

Intent to Vacate Letter to Notice of Intent to Vacate

Sample Intent to Vacate LetterSample Intent to Vacate Letter
Simple Intent to Vacate Letter

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