29+ Letter of Interest Template – How To Look Outstanding In Front Of The Employers

What Is A Letter of Interest?

A letter of interest is a prospecting letter that functions as the cover letter but it has a different purpose, goal, and timing. This is used to tell the employer about your abilities, professional backgrounds as well as an achievement when you are interested to work or learn new thing in a company. To write a letter of interest, first, you have to understand the main goal and timing as well as how to write it properly which you can find on our letter of interest template. For other beneficial information, you can find in this article before you write them down.

What Is The Goal of The Prospecting Letter?

It is clear that the objective of the prospecting letter is so different compared to the cover letter. The letter of interest is more like finding the opportunities in the company. Meanwhile, the cover letter is used when you are applying for a job when a company is hiring an employee to fill a position. In this case, the cover letter is more specific because you already know what you are trying to shoot. In the prospecting letter, you are looking for potential opportunities that match with your skills.

What Is The Timing of Prospecting Letter?

The benefit of writing the letter of interest is you can decide when to send them to the company because you don’t have to wait for them to open a position. Besides, the letter of interest gives you a benefit which this is a great way to show your proactive quality when a company doesn’t be actively looking for an employee. This also shows you to the employer that you are an eligible candidate who deserves a chance to pass an interview.

How To Utilize The letter of Interest Template

Because you are the one who offers your skills to the company, a letter of interest should be outstanding which this should cover your experience and interest. The following tips will help you get a full understanding of what is the letter about so you can write it using the letter of interest template with a good style.

Update The Development Related with the Company

It is so important to upgrade yourself about the development of the company. Remember that your letter is about a journey, not a destination.

Be Specific

Be sure that you address to a specific person which means you know the person who will take responsibility for your letter. Besides, it shows them that you are serious about looking for a job.

Make Sure You Make The Original Signed Letter

An important aspect you have to underline is you should send an original letter to each company. Never gives them the copy of your letter because this is not professional and it shows that you are not serious.

Overall, we all know that the best letter is written in a proper way, which is using a good letter of interest template. You can download the templates in our pages with variations formats and styles. Good luck!


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