43+ Job Acceptance Letter – How To Impress Your Employer At Your First Contact

A job acceptance letter is an important letter you should send to the employer after you are accepted as one of the staff. The document is very crucial which you will reiterate key points and your understanding about the job offer but in a professional way. Writing this kind of letter is considered very valuable that give you professional competency because you do it in a business etiquette.

Some people today send their CV through email and they write back with a job acceptance letter once they get accepted. Meanwhile, the way we write this letter should be very light, friendly but stays formal. In this case, there are still structures should be followed, so the employer can understand it.

What Are The Key Elements Should Be Included?

Writing a letter of job acceptance can mean your expression of gratitude. As we stated before, even though this has a friendly style, you should not include jokes, but it is more like including certain information related to the job title. You can include the basics thing of your job description because this also shows an understanding and expectation related to it. Besides, in this letter, you can include some benefits and expected salary too.

Job Acceptance Letter Tone

Make sure the letter you send has an upbeat tone with the short paragraphs. This is important to make a nice impression and think also about how they feel when reading your letter. This also should represent your existence in front of the employer.

How To Write A Job Acceptance Letter

This is important to write a draft before sending it to the employer which gives you chance to see what should be fixed before sending them. Moreover, because this is your first contact with the employer, make sure you make a clean start. Include the necessary address, body, signature, and greetings.

What Are The Type of Acceptance Letter Formats?

However, there are many types of business letter format which are the block style, the modified block style and also semi-block style.

  • The block style letter – The entire body of your letter will be an important aspect of the overall letter. You should begin with the thanking the employer with a gratitude that you are given a chance to start your career in the company. Show that you are happy to have that chance.
  • Besides, it is important to be clear with the salary you will receive, certain benefits when there is a delay as well as acknowledging your employer that you can understand that.
  • Final words – For the content wrap up, be sure to mention the eagerness of becoming the part of the company as well as giving your contribution there. Also, don’t forget to express your gratitude.
  • Complimentary Closing – This option can be “Best Regards”, “Respectfully”, “Yours Truly” and so on.

That’s all our quick guide about writing job acceptance letter. For saving your time, you can download our template in this page for free.


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