Free Receipt Template Sample

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doc Receipt templatess Word 04 23 KB 27
doc Receipt templatess Word 05 23 KB 27
doc Receipt templete 01 14 KB 30
doc Rent Receipt templatess Word 02 28 KB 31
doc Rent Receipt templatess Word 03 17 KB 29
doc Rent Receipt templatess Word 18 KB 25
doc RESTAURANT Receipt templatess Word 14 KB 24
doc Sales Receipt templatess Word 02 18 KB 25
doc Sales Receipt templatess Word 30 KB 25
doc Donation Receipt templatess 01 13 KB 25
doc Donation Receipt templatess 02 18 KB 26
doc Donation Receipt templatess 03 43 KB 28
doc Hotel Receipt templatess Word 21 KB 25
doc Hotel Receipt templatess Word 25 KB 24
doc Taxi Receipt templatess 01 16 KB 25
doc Taxi Receipt templatess 02 19 KB 25
doc Taxi Receipt templatess 03 13 KB 25
doc Taxi Receipt templatess 04 20 KB 26
pdf Car Deposit Receipt 1 MB 26
pdf Car Sales Receipt templatess.png 66 KB 28
pdf Cash Receipt templatess 02 177 KB 23
pdf Cash Receipt templatess 03 272 KB 22
pdf Cash Receipt templatess 04 292 KB 24
pdf Cash Receipt templatess 274 KB 28
pdf Deposit Receipt 36 KB 26
pdf Free Hotel Receipt templatess 69 KB 24
pdf Payment Receipt templatess 174 KB 27
pdf Rent Receipt templatess 260 KB 23
pdf Sales Receipt templatess.png 76 KB 36
pdf Security Deposit Receipt templatess 1 MB 21
pdf Simple Receipt templatess 45 KB 26
pdf Trust Receipt templatess 41 KB 22
doc Donation Receipt templatess 04 51 KB 22
doc Itemized Sales Receipt Templete Word 23 KB 21
doc Receipt templatess Word 02 41 KB 22
doc Receipt templatess Word 03 20 KB 21
pdf Rent Deposit 604 KB 21
pdf Rent Invoice 127 KB 22
pdf Rental Bond 27 KB 20
pdf Special Order 42 KB 23
pdf Tax Invoice 267 KB 22
pdf Used Car Sale Receipt PDF 1 98 KB 21
pdf Vehicle Sales 20 KB 22
doc Hand Delivery 353 KB 22
pdf Auction Donation 358 KB 26
pdf Bail Bond 32 KB 24
pdf Bank Deposit 50 KB 21
pdf Blank Cash 4 KB 24
pdf Blank Donation 143 KB 28
pdf Blank Rent 47 KB 22
pdf Blank Sales 863 KB 22
pdf Cash Deposit 1 MB 20
pdf Child Care Service 96 KB 21
pdf Food Delivery 56 KB 24
pdf Goods Delivery 64 KB 20
pdf House Rent 9 KB 22
pdf Money Order 1 MB 20
pdf Petty Cash 102 KB 24
pdf Purchase Order 235 KB 21
pdf Real Estate Deposit 239 KB 22

Build A Professional Business with Our Free Receipt Template

The receipt is a document that records a person’s transaction (giving and receiving) of goods or service. This is also well-known as unpacking note, bill of parcel, docket, packing list, shipping list, delivery list, packing slip or customer receipt. In this case, these come in four sections:

  • Rent receipt
  • Delivery receipt
  • Cash receipt
  • Payment receipt

Besides that, a receipt should contain the complete information including the number of goods, owner, service, date, address and the payment method. You should put the receipt number so later you can easily calculate the number of payment you make in certain times. This will also ease you to track the payment later. Last, you have to make a signature that represents your company.

Normally, people love using MS Word for recording transaction which this should be relevant with the professional standards. Hence the receipt template is the best option because it will not miss out on the important information.

Therefore, we provide you the best receipt templates you can suit with your need. We provide you a number of templates including for selling, renting, cash, hotel, delivery and many more.

The templates provide a combination of text as well as the fonts that we arrange in certain ways so it looks simpler but still informative.

How the Receipt Templates Differ?

Rent Receipt Templates

This is a document for rent paid acknowledgment which will have details and information related with it like the rented property, the duration, the date of payment, contact details of the tenant, amount of numbers, payment method and also the signature brackets of the tenant and the landlord.

Cash Receipt Template

This is the most popular receipt and it is normally issued in the sales transaction. It is purposed for the particular transaction and is used as a proof of purchase. Meanwhile, the seller will keep it as sales records. Usually, this includes customer name’s, name of the business, transaction business, goods sold and also the number of prices.

Receipt of Payment Template

Receipt of payment is used as evidence of payments for services or goods with simple information and manner. Of course, it requires payer and payee signature to validate it. Certain details like date, number of goods or services, amount of money and the company identity is needed.

Blank Receipt Template

You can use the blank receipt template that you can customize conveniently. You can add professional touch including your company profile name, logo, and also links related to your company.

Having a receipt template will help you create a professional image for your business and this also helps you a lot on storing the data of your customers. Also in the future when there is something, for example wrong delivery or your customer complain things related with your product you can easily track it to give them a solid proof. This is more convenient and excellent while look professionals on managing your money and good.

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