38+ Free Download Letter of Transmittal Template for Your Cover Letter

What Is A Letter of Transmittal?

A letter of transmittal or usually also called as the cover letter is a document that accompanies more significant document which provides the specific context. Usually, this document contains a brief description that will explain why a document is sent in the first paragraph as well as summarizes the key point in the proposal with 1-2 sentences, or it also contains the useful information.

The use of transmittal letter is usually for a resume, a formal complaint, a report and so on which this will put the content of the document you are sending.

When Do We Need A Letter of Transmittal?

The letter of transmittal is usually used for the people outside of your environment or organization. If you are asked to make a report by your boss, you don’t need to make a letter of transmittal because your boss is inside your environment and know the condition of the company generally.

Besides, there is an interesting fact related to the letter, that this is also used by the stockholder. This document will also accompany the stock certificate which is usually sent by the stockholders to the broker. In this document, there will be an instruction about the change or transaction record.

How To Write A Cover Letter?

  • There are certain ways to make this document. Or simply you just need to download some templates in our sites for free without registration. After that, you just need to follow the format. Or, you can do the following guide.
  • Heading – It contains the address and is placed at the header.
  • Date – Write the date to notify the reader the time you write the letter.
  • Recipient’s address – Include the complete address of the recipient including the contact number.
  • Salutations – Always make a greeting as an opening of the letter.
  • The body of the letter – Usually the body of the cover letter contains four sections, including:
  • Why you send the document.
  • All the statements in the document
  • A request to give an update when your document has been received by the recipient.
  • You’re contact information so it will easy the recipient to do follow up.

Tips In Writing The Cover Letter

It sounds easy to write a cover letter, but you have to pay attention to some aspects as it is related to your professionality.

  • You have to make sure that the recipient knows what is inside your document. It is the reason why you should write the purpose down in the cover letter, so the recipient will have the idea what is all about.
  • Always make a summary including the purpose of the document.
  • Add any specific information which is so important and highlight the important part.
  • Be specific which is related to the decision should be taken in a certain of time.
  • Always make a positive note to keep the enthusiasm.
  • You don’t have to be formal, instead, write the conversational tone.
  • Address all the issue in the document so the recipient has an idea what to do next.

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