38+ Free Download Printable Purchase Agreement Template for Your Business

What Is A Purchase Agreement?

The purchase agreement is a legal file which contains the terms and condition related with buy and sell goods which this document can be the binding contract between the seller and the buyer. This can be the final understanding between those two parties. In this case, the use of the document can be applied to any type of goods purchased, but this is normally used for good purchase with at least $500 worth. However, some people also use it for the smaller transaction. Therefore, having the purchase agreement template is suggested for making a clear and clean transaction with your clients, especially if they purchase with the huge number.

Even though the purchase agreements can be applied to all kind of transaction, usually this is often used in the real estate transaction. Additionally, this is also used in the telecommunications industry.

What Are The Purpose of Purchase Agreement Template?

Besides functioning as the legal document of a selling and purchasing activities, this has several benefits for seller and buyer as well.

  • It provides the information or the seller which is very vital before a consumer transfer some money for the property. Besides, as a seller, you will get the important information from the buyer. Before the terms and agreement set, this is important to get both vital information. This also applies to multiple buyer and agreement that all of them who get involved in the transaction should be in the terms and agreement.
  • This will mention the details of the property that stated it has been sold according to the survey information.
  • It gives information about the price of the property and explains how the buyer makes a payment. Certain things like this are so crucial which is purposed to minimize any kind of dispute in the future.
  • Explains the detail of home insurance information.
  • This explains the detail solution with certain “what if” questions and it has a clear parameter on how to fix it.
  • Includes the contract termination details.
  • Cover other important information related the purchase including the escrow details, funds, warranties, property requirements, and other information.

Who Does Need The Purchase Agreement Template The Most?

The use of purchase agreement is more like how to protect themselves when a property transaction is done. Which in certain cases, certain fields need this document. Several of them are as follows:

  • Home sellers who sell their property through private sales or broker.
  • Home Buyers who purchase the property whether it is from private sale or real estate agent.
  • Real Estate lawyers that become the seller and buyer to the overseer.
  • For property sales.

We highly recommend you to have the purchase agreement template that makes the contract easier. This is an essential way to protect yourself.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Making a purchase agreement is the common thing which this comes from the very simple to the most complex transaction. Consulting with the business attorney will help you break down the aspects of your terms and agreements.


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