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A country like America prefers using a 12-hour clock as their default time standard which is easy to notice. You can just add details to differentiate between morning and afternoon by simply add a.m and p.m. However, some countries prefer the 24-hour clock as their default time and it is known as the military chart. What is the difference? You will more likely hear 1500 for 3 p.m, 0100 for 1 a.m which is somehow so tricky. This military time is often used for getting actual accuracy. It is different with the general “24-hour clock” which has different regulation. Hence, having a military time chart on your table is so helpful.

How To Understand The 24 Hours Clock

In North America, people use the 12-hour clock that the day is divided into two parts; ante meridiem-a.m, and post-meridiem-p.m. Meanwhile, the 24 hours clock works differently by running 0-23 from midnight to midnight again. The midnight will be set at 00:00, then the last minute of the day will be 23:59 and sometimes it is said 24:00 that the day has ended. You can say that Sunday ends at 24:00 tonight and Monday will begin at 00:00.

So which one is better? Well, there are some strength and weakness actually. The 12-hour clock system sometimes will be a confusion when we have to differentiate between midnight or noon. Except you put a.m and p.m. For some countries, it is tricky so they use they prefer using the 24-hour clock system. During the WWII, US Army and Navy adopted it first and it begins so popular and is used until today.

The 24-hour clock system is also an international standard of time-telling, but it is rarely used in another country including North America. Hence, using this time system is so confusing.

If you want to get hang of it, you can simply follow our simple tips below:

  • Remember that 1 a.m until noon will be the same system like 12 hours clock, but for hours under 10, you have to put zero before the first number. For example 08:00 will be 0800.
  • For hours above 1200, you can subtract 1200. For example 1545, you just need to subtract it with 1200 so it will be 3:45 p.m.
  • If you want to change the 12 hours clock, to the military time, you just add 1200. For example, it is 07:30, then just add 1200 so this will be 1930.

However, this is so tricky which you should get hang of it by subtracting and adding numbers every time you talk with someone who uses this system. And yes, this is pretty difficult at first so this makes you feel difficult to respond quickly. Hence, using the military time chart will be so helpful in reminding the time change from 12-hour to a 24-hour clock.

Using the military time chart template doesn’t mean can clear up your confusion. However, at least this leads you to learn faster on converting the time system in the future.

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