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Pledge Form and Some Detail Information About It

When we are talking about the donation, we cannot deny the seeing about the pledge form. Yes, this kind of the document is the pre-formatted document that will be used in funds donation. In common, this document is used by the non-profit organization to donate money to different people.

In other hand, something you need to know is the document is customized in order to contain the all detail of the people in line with donation. Then, it also tells about the reasons of donating and the amount of the donation. In simpler, it tells about the detail of donation.

Kinds of Pledge Form

Seeing the explanation as above, we may see that this form actually is an important document, especially about the need of donation. However, before talking more about this detail document, including the way to make it, there are some kinds of the form that you need to know.

The kinds of form of pledge are:

  • Donation pledge form
  • Contribution pledge form
  • Fundraiser pledge form
  • Capital campaign pledge form
  • Financial pledge form
  • Payment pledge form

Well, by some points as above, we may see that there are some kinds of the form of pledge that you may make. By the kinds of the form, of course you are able to choose the detail form that is appropriate with your need.

Ways to Make the Pledge Form

As we have said before, the detail pledge form is the pre-formatted document that is used in the need of donation. It means that this document is used before the transaction or just use to show the deal.

When you want to make the right pledge form by your hands, there are some matters that you need to include inside the document. Well, in making process of this document, here you need to write some details information, as:

  • The title of form – for the first, you need to write the title of the form. When you are coming from the legal company, it will be better when you make a head letter there. The head letter, of course, is very meaningful since it also becomes the identity of company.
  • Basic donor’s information – below the head letter, you need to write about the information of the donor. Yes, it is an important part of this document to show who the donor is. In this part, there are some basic information to write, such as the name of donor, the program listing, address of donor, city or state of donor, phone number and email.
  • Approval – the next part of this document is writing about the approval. Yes, between the donor and the receiver, there should be an agreement to show. The agreement should tell about the use of the donation in detail.
  • Payment instruction – since this document is used as the way of donation, there also should be the instruction of the payment. This instruction is quite important in order to ease the donor to give their donation.
  • Confirmation – the last part of this form is the confirmation. About the confirmation, there should be the signature of the donor and the detail date of the agreement.

Well, that is all about the pledge form. It will be good for you to do some researches in order to find the sample or template of it.



Sample Contribution Pledge Form

Sample Pledge Form
New Pledge Form Sample
Fundraiser Pledge Form Sample Financial Pledge Form
Donation Pledge Form Sample Capital Campaign Pledge Form
Blank Pledge Form Sample

# File File size Downloads
1 Fundraiser Pledge Form Sample 326 KB 212
2 New Pledge Form Sample 43 KB 194
3 Sample Contribution Pledge Form 58 KB 203
4 Sample Pledge Form 448 KB 220
5 Blank Pledge Form Sample 45 KB 198
6 Capital Campaign Pledge Form 133 KB 185
7 Donation Pledge Form Sample 67 KB 232
8 Financial Pledge Form 18 KB 200
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