20+ Free Diamond Size Chart for Helping You Picking The Right Ones

Every girl dreams about the perfect wedding ring. A sparkling diamond shining on the finger which matches so beautiful with the white gown. Then, this girl is walking down on the Ashley waving hands and everybody is surprised to see the perfect ring. What a beautiful ring and all friends and guests are curious about the value of it. Well, this is normal if they do that, especially when they try to compare the size. It is a symbol of love and they just want to know how loyal the girl’s partner is. In fact, a valuable diamond is not about size, it is about something else. Therefore you need the diamond size chart to help you see clearly the value of the jewelry.


What Is In The Diamond Size Chart?

A diamond size chart can help you have a clear measure of the value of your jewelry. Especially if you want to give it to your loved ones. This is a necessary thing to have.

In the diamond size chart, the most important thing you should underline is the carat that refers to its weight. The carat will be symbolized as “ct” in the chart.

Speaking about that, there is an interesting fact about the diamond that people always have a misconception which a carat is related to the visual size. In fact, it is the weight and its shape. Therefore, there will be a different value when you compare it to the sapphire. So, to see its value, you can see the total carat weight or known as the t.c.w. Keep in mind that the carat is different from the size of the diamond.

How To Find A Perfect Diamond?

Well, there will be some confusion in mind even though you already get the diamond size chart. There are still some aspects to consider when speaking about the best diamond. Here are some tips you can try:


Buying a, however, is not easy that this is also graded by the color. Interestingly, diamonds come in many colors from the brown, grey, yellow until the colorless. Those colors are graded using the alphabet with certain classification from D, F, G, H, I then J which are considered as the best.


A valuable diamonds are also measured from the clarity. The clearer the more expensive the gemstone will be. One of the most popular is the one with I classification.


As we said above, carat plays important roles to consider before making a purchase. The diamond’s carat is started from 0.25 – 2.00 carats. A tip for you who want the smaller gemstone, pick the ones under 1.00 ct.


The cat will determine its beauty and also its reflection. This is due to the symmetry and polish factors that brings its beauty. Therefore, if you see a diamond with the perfect sparks, this means it gets the perfect cuts because its symmetry and shape reflects the light perfectly. This is why certain diamond with certain shape comes more expensive.

Knowing that you know how to pick a diamond, the last thing to consider is the budget. Diamond is always pricey but it is worth it.



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