12+ Printable Blood Sugar Chart To Monitor Your Blood Sugar Level

Suffering diabetes leads to stress that you should be mindful with your diet and the blood sugar level because affect your body. In this case, a person with diabetes should control their sugar level to make sure everything is going fine. It doesn’t always mean that the high blood sugar is bad, but also the low blood sugar too. Many diabetes patients experience blood sugar drops and they should do medical treatment. Therefore, you should have this printable blood sugar chart so you know whether your blood sugar number on the dangerous level or not.

Knowing the blood sugar levels will determine how successful your effort is in maintaining your health with certain treatments. We know that what we eat mostly result from carbohydrate which the diabetes patients should limit it. Some people even stop eating food contains high carbohydrate to decrease the amount of it in the blood so the can minimize the diabetes complication.

What happened If The Blood Sugar Is Too High?

If you see in the printable blood sugar chart showing your number exceed 200 mg/dL, so this condition is called the hyperglycemia which means your body hasn’t had enough insulin to distribute the sugar through the cells for energy. Mostly, this condition is experienced by diabetes patients type II. Those people suffer diabetes due to bad lifestyle including eating habits, lack of exercise, stress, and others.

The symptoms of hyperglycemia mostly are powerless, feeling thirsty, urinate often, weight loss and binge-eating.

As the symptoms getting worse, the patient can suffer certain complications including blindness, gum and teeth infections, skin problems, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and nerve damage.

What Happened In The Blood Sugar Level Too Low?

Don’t be happy if you find your blood sugar level decreases too much, especially when it is under 70 mg/dL. When this happens, you will suffer from the hypoglycemia which is caused by certain medicines for treating diabetes.

For a person who is suffering from diabetes that experiences this event, usually, she/he consumes certain medicines that trigger the production of the insulin. When the patient consumes it too much, this will decrease the blood sugar level dramatically and causes this condition.

Besides, there are other factors that can lead someone to suffer from hypoglycemia, for example drinking alcohol, have certain diseases (tumor in the pancreas, hepatitis, anorexia nervosa etc.), hormone imbalance and certain medicine like quinine.


Having the printable blood sugar chart sounds trivia, but this is the best way and the most successful thing to do for managing your diabetes. Understanding your blood sugar level in the chart can help you examine and evaluate your diet and lifestyle.

Besides, it is important to do medical checkup regularly to understand your body and decide the best treatment. Because in the end, you are the one who understands your body well after knowing certain numbers and symptoms. Keeping the diet, in fact, is not enough. This relates also to your stress management and regular exercise.


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