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Organization Chart and the Kinds to Keep Track of Each Worker’s Responsibility in Company

There is no business with no worker in it and there is always structure and hierarchy with them involved in. They are categorized by different positions they are responsible in. If you want to make the hierarchy clear, you’ve got to consider making organization chart to present the structure well.

Just like family tree in family, business structure shows the names and positions, and how they are related to each other in business community. There are many kinds of chart you can use, so you just need to make your choice out of them.

Organization Chart Kinds to Choose #1

Let’s start from the simplest one of all then. Since it is basic, the structure usually doesn’t look that complicated at all. It suits those with business of small scale. For this kind, the chart is simply made of boxes with the name of the worker and his/her title. It starts from the highest title as the leader.

Then, his/her subordinates follow, but they are still that of higher position than other workers. After that, other workers might follow. Connected with lines, this basic organization looks like pyramid in a chart, depending on number of worker.

Organization Chart Kinds to Choose #2

There is nonprofit organization too, you know. Speaking about this kind, the chart would be different since its structure itself differs than the others. While other organizations are about workers operating as single entity, the nonprofit kind is about its very relationship with various other bodies.

The chart might use the boxes and the lines, but you should have guessed that what’s written in each box is rather different with other structure charts in general. Of course, it still has to start with the leader of the very whole hierarchy.

Organization Chart Kinds to Choose #3

Functional organization is another different kind to choose too. While the first two kinds above are not that much different when it comes to how the chart looks, it is not the case with this chart here. Let’s suppose it starts with general manager. Then, there are finance and human resource below it.

Following them, there’re research & development, operations, and product marketing departments. Each department has members and this chart has them mentioned below it. They are workers, but are differed by department they’re in.

Organization Chart Kinds to Choose #4

The last but not the least kind is not about how the structure’s different or how it’s drawn differently in the chart than the others. This time, it is just how the chart looks and you can consider it as alternative to make. First, instead of using boxes, you can use circles. It just fits the name in though.

So, chart of this kind might only be suitable for small organization. Second, instead of making the chart vertically, you can go horizontally this time. Even with boxes, this organization chart will look different especially with help of colors.


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