Retail General Manager Job Description


We value our customers and buyers dearly. That’s why customer service has always been our greatest focus and intention. We make sure that all of our customers only get the best service, the most affordable price tags, and the most perfect products in our retail chain of stores. For this reason, we are looking for the best Retail General Manager to join the team and help us with the workload.

The manager will be responsible for managing and overseeing the store’s daily operation. It includes training and recruiting employees, setting and creating schedules, assigning work, implementing new procedures and policies, placing orders, solving customer problems, and making sure that all sales target are accomplished. In general, the manager will be responsible for creating and managing the entire operation of the store, making sure that it is running efficiently, smoothly, and well.

The ideal candidate should possess a good customer focus, solid leadership quality, impressive sales skill, impressive teamwork ability, excellent interpersonal and communication skill, and positive attitude to motivate the team members (including sales clerks) and also others.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruit, hire, train, discipline, and monitor employees and staff. It includes designing and creating schedules as well as the work distribution according to each talent’s ability and skill
  • Recruit, develop, maintain, and motivate the team and its members
  • Show a stable and consistent performance that can benefit others as well as the company
  • Educate staff in various products and items that are sold in the retail store
  • Create, plan, maintain, and oversee financial budgeting and statements. It includes beating up Per Cap budgeting within each city
  • Perform supply buying as well as analyzing products and vendors.
  • Come up with plans to create and develop custom products. It includes overseeing and monitoring the implementation
  • Perform researches concerning marketing and sales techniques that can be beneficial for the growth of the store – and the company in general
  • Manage payroll and budgets, including the creating, managing, and the overseeing of the process
  • Create plans that focus on customers’ loyalty as well as attracting the new ones

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in Marketing, Sales, Economics, or other related fields
  • Have a past experience in Management, Business Management, or other senior (or managerial) position for at least 5 years
  • Possess financial ability to manage the budgets, especially in managing the revenues and the expenses – and try the best to stay within the budgets
  • Have a positive attitude that can inspire and encourage others
  • Possess a good communication ability, both in written and verbal form
  • Have an impressive managerial and leadership skill
  • Possess the ability and fluency in operating basic computer’s skill. Any fluency or familiarity in other programs will be an advantage


Salary, benefits, and bonuses will be discussed further during the interview. Bonuses will be given based on sales performance while benefits may include 401(k) plan and paid sick leave.

Those who are interested in the position, and believe that they have the capacities, are welcomed to send their CV and a cover letter to: not later than April 18th.

Retail General Manager Job Description
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