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Our construction company is seeking for a professional and experienced Project Construction Manager to help us with the workload. Before you start thinking about sending us your resume, let us straight some things about this Project Manager job description Construction. In the event it doesn’t fit your qualifications, you won’t have to bother to waste precious time and energy.

A Project Construction Manager is a crucial role in the construction business. Whether people are building a new factory, the tallest skyscraper in the world, or even a small residential house, it takes a professional and skilled manager to make sure that everything is running smoothly, right from the beginning to the end. The manager has the responsibility to finish the project in a timely manner as efficient as possible. The project needs to complete within the planned budgets and time frame. It may not be a role for everyone but it definitely takes only a special person to make sure that the project will run well.

The manager will need to make sure that all project goals and objectives are fulfilled and met. The person has to work together with project engineers and architects so it takes a good communication skill to build, develop, and maintain good communication skill.

Job’s Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan the project. The manager has the responsibility to develop a solid building planning for the project. The person needs to understand the right timing and path of each stage of the building. He/she should also know how to complete each stage in the most effective manner.
  • Allocate, manage, and implement resources. Professional manager knows the crucial resources – and how to allocate them – to make sure that the project will run effectively and well.
  • Manage staff. The manager has to recruit, train, and oversee staff for the right position and task. The person should be able to identify the skill and talent each staff possesses to make sure that they can contribute to the overall building process.
  • Place the staff at the right position. It means that the manager should have keen eyes to spot a potential talent for a specific task and make sure that everything runs smoothly
  • Setting and manage benchmarks. The manager has to set up the project benchmark to oversee the progress. This would help the manager to know whether the project is running successfully or not

Job’s Requirements and Qualifications

  • Possess a good time management and planning skill
  • Have a good budgeting ability and financial skill
  • Possess a solid communication skill on both written and verbal form with adaptability flair
  • Have a past experience in Construction, Management, and other similar field for at least 6 years
  • Bachelor degree in Management, Construction, and other related fields. A Master degree will be a plus but it won’t be the main point
  • Have a positive attitude that can inspire and encourage others

Interested and confident candidates are welcomed to send their applications. Applicants should send their cover letter and a CV to: before June 7th. A resume instead of a cover letter is acceptable.

Project Manager Job Description Construction
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