Technical Program Manager Job Description


Our growing company is currently in search of a skilled and experienced Technical Program Manager to help us with the workload. We always welcome new talents and fresh ideas because that’s how we grow and develop. The manager will be a part of the main team and be responsible for some crucial works.

The individual will be responsible for managing all types of technical projects that will be done and implemented at every level (and also stage) of development – which means that it includes the preparation stage at the beginning to the completion stage at the end. This is a full time role and the manager will be working during day business hours in the office environment. Basically, the manager will have to lead and manage project developer teams (along with the designers) for every project. He/she will report mainly to the upper management executives.

Job’s Responsibilities and Duties

  • Develop and create new products. The manager will have to develop (new) features and products to generate new revenue sources while increasing the company profits at the same time.
  • Lead and manage design teams. The manager has to lead the software and hardware designing teams to create and then implement the programs – which will result in new applications or product inventions. It includes managing plans for the projects that can benefit the company
  • Manage, plan, and oversee program progress. The manager will have to maintain and keep the projects to stay within the budgets and schedules. It may as well cutting costs (when needed), performing other work to maintain the perimeter, and delegating more staff for the work. It includes assigning workers and placing them on the right position that goes with their skills and expertise
  • Track and monitor technical issues. Besides tracking the issues, the manager needs to find the perfect solutions efficiently.
  • Review and check codes. It is the manager’s responsibility to review the test design and code to make sure that the projects’ objectives are fulfilled and met.

Job’s Qualifications and Requirements

  • Possess a strong leadership and managerial skill with detail-oriented focus
  • Possess the ability to manage, lead, and supervise the team
  • Have the ability to do multitasking activities and work under pressure constantly
  • Possess a good and solid communication skill, both in verbal and written form since the person is going to deal with different kinds of people
  • Possess a good time management ability that enables him/her to stick on schedule
  • Possess a good budgeting skill to help him/her stay within the budgets
  • Have a good logical and problem-solving skill
  • Able to work under a stressful environment
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Management, or other similar fields. A Master degree will be a plus
  • Have a past experience in Technical Program sector or other managerial position for at least 5 years


Salary and benefits will be discussed further in details during the interview

Interested applicants are welcomed to send their cover letter and a CV to: before September 29th. Include a recent photo in the CV and not in a separate folder.

Technical Program Manager Job Description
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