Warehouse Manager Job Description

Warehouse Manager Job Description

Our company is looking forward to add a new member to the team considering that our non-stop projects require another fresh mind and personnel to ensure the smooth flow of work. We want to have a motivated and professional Warehouse Manager to manage our operation distribution as well as handling warehousing and directing the management. The manager’s responsibility is to make sure that storage and receipt will run efficiently while adding values to the service as well as the running of product varieties. In short, the individual will make sure that the warehouse management and processing will run promptly and smoothly while achieving productivity target at the same time.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Follow state, local, and federal regulations in relation to warehousing, shipping, and also material handling. The new manager should study and do research concerning the already existing legislation as well as the new one.
  • Make sure that all the warehouse staffs follow and obey the rules as requires while advising management actions when needed
  • Maintain and make sure that the operation of warehousing, receiving, and distribution is running as expected. It takes coordination, initiation, and program enforcement while making sure that the personnel procedures, operational, and policies don’t violate any law
  • Control inventory and make records by doing physical counting. The manager will also be responsible for reconciling with the data storage system
  • Make sure that the warehouse operation is safe, and it includes monitoring, managing, and establishing the security protocols and procedures.
  • Make sure to maintain the warehouse’s physical condition by planning, managing, and implementing the layout for the new design which also includes issuing repair work orders, checking the equipments, and issuing replacement requisition.
  • Be responsible for financial goals by managing the annual budgets. It includes variance analysis, initiate corrective solutions or actions, make expenditure schedules, and prepare the annual budget

Job Requirements

  • Have past experience and ability as a supervising manager or as the Warehouse Manager
  • Know what it takes to manage a warehouse, including the details
  • Have the knowledge and the skills to manage and develop budgets
  • Know the safety management procedures as well as surveillance skills
  • Have good judgment which is important for the management program and progress
  • Have good communication skills because the manager will also work together with other departments
  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, or Logistics
  • Able to work under stressful condition
  • Have good leadership skills, especially in mentoring, managing, and dealing with staffs
  • Have good and positive attitudes, especially in solving problems and making decisions

Those who are interested in the position and know they can manage the responsibilities are encouraged to apply. Application letter with CV and resume can be sent to position@productionhouse.com – resume and CV only is acceptable. Write ‘Warehouse Manager vacancy’ on the subject. Without it, your email will be automatically discarded and sent to the spam folder. This vacancy is open to October 18th 2016 or until a new manager is officially active. Be advised to pay attention to the requirements and the details so you will be eligible for the screening process

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