Operation Manager Job Description Resume

Operation Manager Job Description Resume

If you have great time management skill and you are experienced working in a fast-paced industry, we would welcome your Operation Manager job description resume in our email. In fact, we would like to talk to you and set up a meeting. Who knows? Maybe you are the ideal person that we have been searching for.

We are developing our own establishment in this manufacturing industry and our busy (and also growing) company is in dire need of a professional and skilled Operation Manager who can help us with effective and efficient management. The person will be responsible for managing the overall operation and running of the activities. Among the many tasks of the manager, the individual will have to allocate the material and human resources properly and effectively, recruit new member or talent, work together with other departments, and also have a positive (and fruitful) communication with the HR department. The person should have the past experience in managing a project within ambitious and limited time goal.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Create, design, develop, and oversee the operation budgets. It includes working together with other departments to come up with the right budgeting plan
  • Improve the already existing procedures related to the incoming and also outgoing projects’ resources. It includes tracking and checking the inventory for the warehousing section
  • Observe, monitor, and track the staffing needs or requirements. Hiring new talents is possible when needed, especially when it is related to the specific projects’ objectives, duties, and also skill sets
  • Check, oversee, and review the financial statements. Checking is crucial before the reports or statements are submitted to AR and AP departments
  • Work together (and develop effective and constant communication) with safety department and legal counsel. This should be done to make sure that the manufacturing processes go along with standard regulations, OSHA, and other regulations.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Possess some special skills such as managerial ability, business negotiation, decision making, conflict management, and organizational skill
  • Familiar with Netsuite. A familiarity and knowledge of other programs, especially the ones to help the operation and production is highly advantageous
  • Have a past experience in the manufacturing industry or managerial position for at least 3 years. A previous experience as the Operation Supervisor or senior operation member is a plus
  • Have the knowledge and ability to handle financial reports and bookkeeping. A previous experience for at leas 4 years is an advantage
  • Bachelor degree in Accounting, Management, Business Administration, or other related fields
  • Have the knowledge and the ability to operate Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel
  • Able to delegate and distribute responsibilities to the right personnel
  • Able to provide training and leadership to the right personnel
  • Have a good communication skill in both written and verbal form. Able to communicate in other languages is a plus

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their cover letter, CV, and two recommendation letters to: position@greateradvanced.com before July 16th. Be advised that a resume won’t be accepted and an application without a recent photo won’t be processed further.

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