Quality Control Manager Job Description

Quality Control Manager Job Description

Our manufacturing company is expanding and we are building a new manufacturing plant in the industrial area close to Nevada. We are looking for an ambitious and determined Quality Control Manager to join the board. The main responsibility of the manager is to check and maintain the quality standards through approving the in-process stages and production, the incoming materials, checking the finished products, and then recording the results. Impressive leadership and also communication skills are needed, including the attention to small details.

Job’s Responsibilities and Duties

  • Approve the in-stages and process production by conducting visual and also measurement tests, confirming the required specifications, and also communicating the adjustments to the supervisor production
  • Approve the incoming materials by making sure that it goes by the planned specifications, conducting measurement and visual test, and rejecting the unacceptable materials – as well as returning them
  • Train, mentor, and coach junior employees. It includes seeking the chances to grow leadership in other members
  • Approve the all finished products by making sure that they all meet the specifications. Performing the required tests is also included in the main task
  • Make documentation, record, and update the inspection results through completing logs and reports
  • Return the products for repair or re-work when needed. It includes completing the needed documentation to confirm the repair or the re-work
  • Check, maintain, and make sure of safe work condition by checking the standards, and making sure that all of the procedures and standards are maintained. Complying to the legal regulations is also a part to the job
  • Make sure that the process of the measurement equipment is running correctly by addressing the operating instructions. It includes for repair requirements when needed
  • Finish and complete the company’s mission by finishing the wanted results when needed
  • Provide the update for the job knowledge by taking part in reading technical publications, educational opportunities, watching industry campaigns or videos, attending seminars, and such thing alike
  • Provide support and encouragement to Construction Manager when dealing and handling clients for quality control and inspection
  • Supervise and monitor the quality control activities which also include quality records collection and also quality control checking schedules
  • Allocate and place the quality control staff or personnel to different site activities
  • Make assessment to the real implementation of quality control plan and site’s quality plan

Job’s Requirements and Qualifications

  • Have the understanding and knowledge in manufacturing procedures and also methods
  • Have a strong and impressive communication skill. It includes the skill to teach and also explain methodologies
  • Bachelor degree in Manufacturing Engineering or Mechanical or other related industrial subjects
  • Have a good computer familiarity and skills, especially in MS Office
  • Have the security or work authorization clearance
  • Have a past experience in managerial or leadership position for at least 2 years


Salary, benefits, and bonuses will be discussed during the interview

Those who believe in their capabilities and abilities are welcomed to send their CV and resume. Interested candidates can send their application to: job@weldingtech.com. The due date is on October 3rd at the latest.

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