Graphic Designer Resume Example and Job Description


What’s the importance of the Graphic Designer resume, after all? Well, first of all, the resume will be your representative (in the written form) to the future employers. Second, it is the summary of your achievements, skills, abilities, and background. Third, it also shows you as a professional individual as well as a personal entity. After all, a job doesn’t always require the person with the right skills but also with the right attitude and manner.

Because of the nature of their work, designers are hoped to provide visually appealing and well-crafted Graphic Designer resume. The resume should be spotless and also contain impressive contents. The resume would be your representative of who you are and also you abilities. By looking at your resumes, the employers should be able to see your professional abilities and expertise. The resume should have visual concepts (many of them) that can invoke an interest and appeal from the future employers. How should you show your skills? How to create informative and also appealing resumes? You will learn the elements and facts as well as learning the example resume and also job description.

Graphic Designer Resume Example and Job Description

Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Name: Camilla Gonzo

Address: 7761 Beach Street, Los Angeles, California 56132

Phone: (815) 666-8723


Profile and Qualifications

Highly motivated, multitalented, and creative Graphic Designer with long years of and extensive experience in digital and multimedia, as well as print design, digital design, and marketing. Exceptional Creative skills and collaborative interpersonal ability. Also a dynamic and helpful team player with impressive and well-developed verbal and written communication skill. Highly responsive and skilled in vendor and clients negotiations and relations. Quite talented with honed skill at building, creating, and maintaining positive partnership. Inventive and passionate creator and pioneer of innovative (and new) marketing campaigns, plans, and strategies. Able and accustomed to performing and completing deadline-based environment with the focus in working and project completion within the budget restrictions.

Strengths and abilities in creative experience:

  • Photography – both manual and digital
  • Print and digital layout
  • Newsletters and Brochures
  • Business cards and business logos
  • Post cards and posters, including event and business posters
  • Website and layout design
  • Photography restoration and black and white photography
  • Lithography
  • Digital and photography retouching
  • Website marketing and campaigns
  • Web and also multimedia
  • Video photomontages and editing
  • Social media

Professional Experience

Cyrus Media Inc., Causeway Beach, California

Art Project Leader – Graphic Design. 2016 – present


  • Manage, coordinate, and plan graphic design ideas from the beginning (concept) to completion (end) successfully.
  • Work together closely with clients to plan and create vision, design ideas, and meet requirements and deadlines consistently.
  • Build, direct, motivate, and maintain design team as well as the production team efficiently
  • Create and implement highly motivational and also persuasive marketing and sales presentations
  • Work together and coordinate with consultants, freelance designers, and vendors to meet the requirements
  • Convert features to beneficial outcome expertly to achieve and gain objectives from clients
  • Manage all strategic, quote or bid, operational, financial, administrative, and staffing functions.


  • Establish trusting and positive relationships with vendors, designers, and also key clients
  • Completed clients projects successfully worth up $500,000
  • Provide proposal design and layout for million dollar contract with corporate under strict tight deadlines

Field Market Studios, Orange County, California

Senior Graphic Designer, 2014 – 2016


  • Created and planned design graphics and theme for sales and marketing presentations, corporate websites, and training videos
  • Translated project plan and subject matter successfully into concrete and real design for promotional materials, newsletter, and sales collateral.
  • Took part in the team efforts and plan to produce a streamline production and implementation of educational materials and policy manuals for the newly hired freelancer designers and employees


  • Coordinated in staff participation in charitable community-sponsored events
  • Earned and got several awards for assisting design support to the field offices as well as the headquarter employees

Dreamland Digital Center, Venice Beach, California

Graphic Designer, 2011 – 2014


  • Took part in promotional items and print production for important key clients under the guidance and direction of Marketing Department
  • Created and planned new design themes for collateral materials and marketing purposes.
  • Worked together with the creative and production team to design, plan, and produce computer and digital generated artwork for promotional and marketing materials.


  • Recruited by HGY Organization to become the Senior Graphic Production Designer
  • Developed and designed new art and security-proofing system that was able to increase the overall system and quality of production while improving customer satisfaction to more than 95%
  • Recognized the needs for innovative and fresh applications and ideas consistently


Master of IT Science, minor in Design and Graphic, 2009

University of California, Los Angeles, California

Bachelor of IT Science, 2007

Technical Skills and Expertise

Platforms: Windows 8/10, Mac OS

Tools: MS Office Suite, including Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access; HTML5; QuarkXPress, Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, InDesign, PageMaker, Acrobat; MS Project

Graphic Designer Vacant Position

A small but highly active and creative design firm is looking for a talented and creative Graphic Designer to join the team. The person should have the experience in electronic and print media. We are seeking for the one able to take orders and directions from spoken or written ideas – and then change them to appealing and visually attractive layouts, images, and other designs. The candidate should have the direct and in-depth understanding of how the marketing and sales campaigns run to support the clients. It is highly important especially in the retail and commercial sector. We are running in the fast-paced industry and setting, so we are looking for the one able to respond quickly (and adapt themselves) with new projects or clients. Interested applicants with the experience, especially in leading and managing creative teams and working together with other professional (and senior workers) will get the prime and main consideration.

Graphic Designer Job Description

The designer will be responsible in transforming ideas and concepts to real visuals and creations as required by the clients. In most cases, the clients want to include graphic details, including the digital creation, in their purposes and objectives – whether it is for business, commercial, sales, promotion, and marketing. It takes a special person with creative talents to be able to deliver what the client needs while paying attention to the guideline, budgets, and concept ideas. Basically, the designer is responsible for visual presentation preparations by designing and creating copy and art layouts.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Plan and develop concepts by studying materials and information
  • Prepare work for completion so it can be accomplished and finished smoothly through materials and information gathering
  • Get concept approval by creating and then submitting rough concept and layout for clients’ approval
  • Create concept illustration by coming up with the rough and raw art layout and make copy regarding the size, style, arrangement, and type and also the related artistic and aesthetic concepts
  • Prepare the finished art and copy by managing the printing, typesetting, and also other equipment. It includes managing purchases from vendors, when needed
  • Prepare and manage the final outcome and layout by pasting up and marking the finished art and copy
  • Make sure of operation and running of equipment by implementing maintenance and preventive care. It includes following the manufacturers’ directions, calling for repairs, evaluating new equipment, troubleshooting malfunctions, and maintaining the equipment inventories
  • Contribute to team work and effort
  • Maintain technical skills and knowledge by reviewing publications, attending courses and workshops, and taking part in professional societies
  • Complete projects by working together and coordinating with art services, external agencies, printers, and such thing alike
  • Be able to work simultaneously in 3 different projects based on the workload and requirements
  • Put together the important design elements created by other designers and professionals
  • Consult with clients and marketing teams – as well as other departments – to deliver cohesive and complete design that goes along with clients goals and wants

Skills and Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Graphic Design or Fine Art design. Other related field such as marketing or management is acceptable. A higher degree is a plus
  • Have a solid and direct experience in management and team leadership. Any related field is also acceptable
  • Have the skill, knowledge, and experience in InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator. Any familiarity or skills with other software or programs is an advantage. An experience with multimedia presentation, web design, and mockups will be an advantage
  • Have a working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Adaptive and creative skills and design eye
  • Have a proven and solid past experience in professional industry for more than 3 years, especially in creative and commercial sector
  • Able to work under a stressful environment constantly, considering the competitive and fast-paced nature of the industry
  • Able to absorb new knowledge and skills as well as applying constructive insight and criticism from clients and peers
  • Possess a good communication skill
  • Have the flexibility to work in a team as well as being solo

Those are the basic and general facts (and also info) about being a professional Graphic Designer. If you have understood the elements and what it takes, you should be able to compose the Graphic Designer resume easily.

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