Construction Operations Manager Job Description


As a construction corporate, our company is in search of a professional and skilled Construction Operations Manager to help us with the job load. This is a job not for the faint or weak of heart because it takes dedication and hard work to make sure that each project runs smoothly and successfully, and the final outcome isn’t only satisfying but also safe.

The main responsible of the manager is to work together with the Project Manager. Since the Construction Operation manager will be working in construction companies, they will supervise and monitor different kinds of construction projects. The projects alone can go intermittently or simultaneously – depending on the projects. The manager’s main task is to make sure that the allocation is going efficiently based on the resources. The task also includes enhancing the business’ commercial value at the same time.

As it was mentioned before, this job requires a professional expert who can work hard. Not only the individual has to meet the demands and goals, they also have to do everything based on the budgets. They have to analyze and assess the financial as well as operational risks that may happen during the construction process. As if it weren’t enough, the person will be responsible in designing, managing, and implementing construction strategies. Different projects will have different strategies, anyhow.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Make sure that the construction projects are running effectively. It includes supervision and implementation of different projects
  • Work together with project team. It should be done so there will be mutual agreement and understanding related to the project strategy, which is based on the job’s requirements
  • Perform and conduct in-depth and thorough analysis as well as reviews of all contract documents and projects so everyone involved will understand the details and the requirements
  • Work together with safety units especially in a bid to manage, plan, and oversee each project’s safety programs. It includes making sure that all safety aspects are well covered
  • Assist the engineers and project managers within the projects’ analysis and arrangement, including making schedules for projects and reports
  • Help with the development, maintenance, and also progress of the company’s positive relationship in order to form a strategic partnership
  • Train, coach, and mentor employees within the estimation and project management areas
  • Monitor, oversee, and observe the progress and the process of the projects, making sure that everything is done based on the requirements and outlined specifications

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Possess a good communication skill, both in verbal and written form, with adaptable flair
  • Have a good organizational and analytical skill that is crucial for the job
  • Able to read, understand, and interpret specifications
  • Have an impressive leadership skill
  • Able to work in a team. Leading a team is most likely
  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, or Civil. A Master degree is an advantage
  • Possess a positive attitude and goal-oriented manner that can inspire and affect others
  • Have a past experience in managerial position or in practical engineering field for at least 4 years

Interested applicants are encouraged to send an application letter and a CV to: not later than September 5th.

Construction Operations Manager Job Description
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